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Josh Selby bids KU adieu

You know I love the Jayhawks with all of my heart. Always have and always will. But, the crap I'm reading on this board is truly amazing and makes me wonder why any kid with nba talent would want to come here!

The negative comments about Josh on this board are unwarranted, mean-spirited, and woefully ignorant. Each of you critical of Josh should take a deep breath and have a moment of reflection about this kid...yeah that's right KID! He is barely 20 yrs old if that! And you guys are hammering him like he is a convicted felon!

Everyone who knows basketball knows that Josh has NBA talent. He is a 6'2" guard who won the McDonald's dunk contest for goodness sakes. His 3 point stroke is textbook and he can dribble penetrate with the best of them.

What happened to Josh is he got hurt! Broke his hand, served a suspension, and then fractured his foot. Not to mention being put on a short leash by coach self to the point where he didn't have a chance to find his rythym.

Yeah, so Josh is on the sideline playing behind guys he was destroying in practice and watching guys play from other teams that he had destroyed on the AAU circuit. If you were him would you come back?

You don't treat a kid like a piece of meat KU fans. Those of you hatin on Josh now are the same ones who were clamoring for him to come in and be the savior. Unbelievable!

Finally, if you want to blame someone there are two targets that I think are worthy. One is coach Self. I love coach self but there was absolutely no reason not to play Josh more once he got healthy. Sure he made mistakes, but that is going to happen when he is getting the feel back for the game. Instead he stuck with Morningstar...a good player but not one who is going to lead us to an NCAA championship. Josh had much more upside and was the kind of player who could have taken over the VCU game.

But, why didn't coach Self play Josh? Because he was more interested in having a gaudy record to appease (the other culprit in this mess) the jayhawk fans who anytime KU loses thinks the world is coming to an end. When KU loses fans question Self on everything, criticize the players, and long for the days when good old Wilt ran the floor. Well guess what? This ain't Hoosiers and this ain't the 50s. Change your attitude or watch your team go down in smoke...


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Recurring Morris twins trouble especially disturbing

Here are my points:

1. K-State played a heck of a game. I've watched them play all year and this is by far the best they have played. If they play like this against Texas they have a good chance of winning.

2. While the sky is not falling this loss should concern true jayhawk fans. Yeah K-State played great, but the Jayhawks played terrible. Missed free throws, ridiculous turnovers, bad fouls, and just all around lazy and incoherent play. But the worst thing was how the Jayhawks started arguing between themselves as the ship was going down. I have never seen this much infighting among a jayhawk squad. Self needs to get this under control and under control now.

3. Stay off of the back of the twins. If it were not for the twins we would have lost many more games. They had a bad game and while markieff did foul Pullen it certainly should not have resulted in a Technical. That was a baaad call.

4. Solutions:
- Bench Tyshawn. He does not take care of the ball well enogh to be a consistent point guard. And his decision making is suspect at best. He continues to make the same mistakes he did as a freshman and sophmore. Self should have Tyshawn come off the bench to add a spark.

- Either Elija cleans up his attitude or he should sit on the bench the bench the rest of the year. This kid has tons of talent but is making mistakes because he is not a true point guard. He is not a break down guard which is what you need in your point guards of today.

- Let Selby run point and live with his mistakes. At least he can shoot and has the ability to break people down. By the way, his defense has become much better.

- You have to live with Withey and let him play through the mistakes. Lord knows coach Self has given tyshawn more rope than anyone on the team.

- Mario is shooting to much and Releford is not getting to play enough. Releford is solid and plays great defense.

- The unsung hero of the team is Tyrel Reed. he just goes out and does his job. He is solid in every aspect of the game. I would like to see him have the ball in his hands more so he can drive more.

Finally, this game reminded me of how we always lose in the NCAA. Quick guard who can penetrate and hit threes. A defense that stops our 3 point shooters from getting good looks. And big low post bodies who can body up and stand their own against the twins.
Coach needs to make better adjustments during the game when our good stuff isn't working. Like running two guys at Pullen to make someone else beat us.

ok i'll stop ranting now. I think I got it all out of my system.


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Bill Self says incidents with Morris twins' temper have been ‘addressed’

kcsportsguy I am with you. The twins always try to help guys up off the floor. Especially the last 6 or 7 games. That kid on Nebraska started the whole thing. There is no way Marcus should have been called for a technical.

On the otherhand I love the way the twins play. It is refreshing to be a jayhawk fan and know that no other team we play will ever be tougher than us. Much better that the Roy teams. Perfect example, NC just lost to Duke last night. Not because they didn't have talent but in my opinion I didn't think they played tough defense or was tough rebounding the ball.

Go hawks and go twins. Just cut out a little more of the jaw jacking with other players and the twins will be unstoppable.


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Celebrating Reagan at 100: More Hype than Reality?

I'm not sure either..


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The Curious Case of Kelley Williams-Bolar: Mom jailed for wanting to give kids a better life

You know it never surprises me anymore what some people will say and think.

Your screed is patently selfish, uniformed, and heartless. You sound like Bill O'rielly of Fox news fame. When asked yesterday on his show what poor rural people should do to get emergency medical treatment but live far away from a medical facility. His answer was...drum roll please..."they should move closer!" Yep, that's the solution. Move closer.

Never mind that there is a healthcare crisis in this country and that the poor are being underserved and denied healthcare on a daily basis. That doesn't matter. Because in this country it is all about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Regardless on whether you have any boots.

This poor mom had no prior convictions, never been in trouble with the law in any way, was working on her teaching certificate, and was disheartened by the poor quality of schools her daughters had to attend. That's her crime. Wanting her daughters to receive a good education.

If that's crime and she is a criminal then our country is in a poor state indeed...


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Washington Post Gives "5 Myths Why the South Seceded"

I don't know if you are aware of these books but they cover the "what if?" scenarios you mentioned interest in.

The books are called, "What if?" and they are absolutely fascinating. They take critical turning points in history and have a well regarded historians write an alternate versions of the outcomes. Below is the link. Good reading...


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Washington Post Gives "5 Myths Why the South Seceded"

No, Lincoln didn't conduct the Civil War to free the slaves. He conducted the civil war to preserve the union. The reason the south wanted to secede from the union is that they wanted to perserve slavery as an outcome of their white supremacist mentality. Sure, the south created other red herrings after their defeat. But, the war was about slavery.

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Washington Post Gives "5 Myths Why the South Seceded"

I just think it is practical to argue which slaves had it worse.

But I do think white slavery has long been undereported and certainly not discussed enough.

There is a great book called, "The History of White People" which gives an excellent account of white slavery through history.

Thanks for the link it was very informative.


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Washington Post Gives "5 Myths Why the South Seceded"

Those are pretty strong statements. I really don't know how you can say the slaves in the america had it better than anyone.

This by the way is not my pet issue. I am much more interested in the latest discoveries in science. But, the PBS documentary is really good. Brought back the joy I had watching the "The Civil War" by Ken Burns. Now that was really great television..


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Washington Post Gives "5 Myths Why the South Seceded"

By the way, anyone interested the NYTimes is running an ongoing series on the Civil War. It is really interesting. Here is the link

@Liberty One...So, the Civil War was about taxes and not slavery? It never ceases to amaze me the contortions Libertarians will go through to place everything in the container of taxes. But, don't get me wrong there are some places in the world where libertariansm is thriving...Somalia, Sudan, etc.,etc.,

@Fossick...What I meant regarding free trade and capitalism is how these forms of economic activity induce poor people to believe they can achieve the riches of the wealthy slave owners if they work hard enough. Not unlike the situation we find ourselves in today where people constantly vote against there own self interest.

@Fossick..."If you give your slave a trade, the next thing you know he'll be all Frederick Douglass on you" haha that was a great line,,

Finally, just so we are all clear about this. Uhh, err,..there is no way that slaves had it better than anyone. It is not even comparable. Slaves had their families split up, their women raped, beat like and treated like animals, and auctioned like prized cows. C'mon, please no more comments about how well the white slave masters treated their good 'ol slaves.


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