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Worries about the future of Lawrence's Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade; a new amenity for Downtown Farmers' Market

I can see the Lone Ranger and Silver everyday on RFD-TV, along with Roy Rogers. It's still entertaining for me. Hi ho!

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Editorial: Extra mile

Kobach's limitation on voters is not just on those who cannot present proper documents. I've heard about a case where the applicant presented a valid passport and has been delayed without explanation for months.

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Brownback tells regents that cuts to higher education were part of trades at end of session

There's a key phrase in the quote, "...places to get money from..." Is this the role of the Governor and legislators, to find places to get money from? I guess only so they can give it to somebody else. Like maybe his super-rich supporters? The students (and their parents) of Kansas have trouble understanding this, I can tell you for sure.

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Protesters interrupt Kobach's defense of Alabama immigration law

The reporter mentions some "Hispanic" women who turned their backs. I'm curious how the reporter knows that those people are "Hispanic"?

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Dinosaur hunter finds triceratops

What are the rules about who owns fossils? I thought some states say that their state "owns" all the fossils that have been or might be found, and also that one has to be an approved "museum" in order to hold and display them. How does this discovery in Montana fit in with those principles?

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Developer wants to breathe new life into former Poehler Mercantile Co. building in east Lawrence

My grandfather, Al Gufler, was a managing partner of the Poehler Mercantile Company, so we are happy to see the building being put to good use. The Emporia building has a nice antique mall in it, but it also might be good for apartments such as those planned for Lawrence. I live in Manhattan but would love to meet John Pendleton sometime.

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City of Lawrence being asked to establish campsite for homeless people

Some of the homeless would really appreciate help to find a job and care for their children; a campground doesn't do either of those. The other homeless will not use the campground. They don't use campgrounds now. It would be cheaper either to build a full time larger shelter (most of the homeless don't stay in the shelter even when it is available!) or pay people a living wage to do simple jobs (cleaning the sidewalks in front of the bars) and also provide free day care for their kids while they work. Those who won't work would also not "self-govern" a campground. There's got to be a better solution.

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