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KCK man sentenced to eight years in prison for robbery of KU student

And yet someone who kills a person driving drunk received six months of jail time and one year of probation. Makes sense.

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

Knology, and Rod Kutemeier, are complete jokes. I got rid of them for TV service a few months ago in favor of DirecTV and couldn't be happier. However, my work uses Knology for email services and as of right now I have lost ALL of my emails from Monday that I never received in the first place due to the "disruption."

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There's really nothing good I can say about Knology, and I've been using them since before Knology purchased Sunflower Broadband. First of all, their internet services are absolutely **TERRIBLE**! Currently I'm paying $45 for 10 Mbps down and 512 kbps up, which is a joke. Their speeds and bandwidth "restrictions" have probably stayed the same since 1998. Unfortunately there aren't really any better options at this point in time for internet in Lawrence, but once Verizon FiOS (or a similar company) comes in I will be switching immediately. As for Knology's TV services, thankfully I made the switch to **DirecTV** about a week ago. Now I'm getting 30+ more channels (including HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Shotime) and 40+ more HD channels and a lot better picture quality for less than I was paying Knology (and that's after my 12 month introductory rates expire). Lastly, Knology's customer service is atrocious--especially since all of my calls are now directed to Atlanta. When I called to cancel my TV services I made it very clear that I wanted to cancel **just** my TV services and not my internet service. And what did I notice the next morning? My TV service was indeed off, but my internet service was shut off as well. When I called to fix this problem I was told that my internet was shut off (and could not be turned back on) because I owned $1200 for my HD-DVR equipment that I have yet to turn in--even though I had just canceled my TV service at 10 PM the night before. When I called my "customer service representative" on this she quickly changed her story and then proceeded to tell me that she couldn't figure out why my internet service was off but would forward it on to another department. Finally, after 7 hours and two more calls to the great state of Georgia, I was able to get my internet turned back on. Knology thinks we are stupid and that we won't realize the fact that they very **rarely** update their services (especially internet) but increase their fees. Avoid Knology at all costs if you can! And hope that their Lawrence monopoly on cable ends very, very soon.

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Service restored after Internet product upgrade caused difficulty accessing, and other sites

How about you upgrade the upload speed for the $60 Gold Internet package, Knology. 1 Mbps maximum upload speed? Talk about the damn stone age!

There's nothing true about this statement from their website: "serving Lawrence with fast, reliable High Speed Data for more than 10 years." Except the "more than 10 years" part.

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Kansas House gives preliminary approval to voter ID bill


This is great. I love when our government wastes time, money, and other resources on "problems" that are practically non-existent.


But seriously folks, you all should be worried that Kobach is working for the state that you live in.

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Lawrence puppy seller reports attempted fraud

That's not what I was saying; I receive these types of offers through e-mail every time I post--I just never let it get to the point that checks are mailed to me. These scammers don't just randomly mail checks without the other party agreeing to it either, they don't waste their time(especially since the scammer is the one paying to FedEx these checks). Bill received a check in the mail because there was an agreement of some sort through e-mail and an address was exchanged.

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Lawrence puppy seller reports attempted fraud

Slow news day, huh? This happens to me every single time I post a craigslist ad, I'll be sure to let the LJWorld know next time so I can get an article written.

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Midge Grinstead reinstated as executive director of the Lawrence Humane Society

It is very possible as there are numerous humane societies in Kansas City and Topeka that release animals same day. From first hand experience, Helping Hands in Topeka is able to check and approve applications(including calling the landlord and any other references you have listed) and let you take the cat or dog home the same day.

There is no information that the Lawrence Humane Society would possibly need two weeks to find out--the information that they need they can have that same day. Plus, the LHS hardly does home visits to check on the conditions in which the dog will be staying. That could warrant an extra couple of days. Humane societies are always lacking space for animals, but the LHS hurts themselves by unnecessarily holding onto animals longer than they need to.

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Midge Grinstead reinstated as executive director of the Lawrence Humane Society

Oh great, now the Lawrence Humane Society gets to remain as one of the most poorly run humane societies in the state. I can't count how many people I've known who have been "first in line" to adopt a dog, only for it to be given away to someone else--with no explanation from the humane society. This is probably due to their insanely insufficient pen and paper system and one to two week waiting period before you are able to bring a dog home after submitting an application. I don't question Midge's dedication, and I'm a firm believer in adoptions, but letting your employees swoop in and take a dog that has already had an accepted application on it is unacceptable.

Learn from other humane societies--overhaul your entire adoption system(because it is broken and has been since I adopted my first dog from there), approve applications the same day, and if everything checks out let them take an animal home the same day.

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Not his true calling: It’s a good thing Turner Gill gave up baseball

You do realize that Mangino was 25-35 in his first five years here at KU before eventually winning the Orange Bowl and multiple National Coach of the Year honors, right? My point being, is that every head coach has to start somewhere, and unfortunately for most of them the resources aren't in place to start winning right away.

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