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Jones pleads guilty in Delaware Street shooting case

Why hasnt the dna evidence been brought forward to actually prove that he is guilty. The facts of this case are not adding up - from the ammount of bullets fired for the type of gun used to the whole "plea bargain." Personally I think this kid is taking the fall for someone else. He's not guilty... he took a plea bargain. The court system is crooked. Those who want justice... you're not going to get it until you find the real murderer... its not Jones. He's getting off easier than most because they just need someone to take the fall... read the story more carefully. He's going to lose over a decade of his life for a crime he didnt commit.

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Person injured in fall from third-floor balcony

I used to live in that apartment complex and just like hawksfan described... I used to see people climb up the balcony to get in the back door (balcony door). Luckily I lived on the first floor and ignorantly my roomies and I never locked our doors so there was never a need to go through the balcony. I feel incredibly awful for this kid... I hope and pray for a full recovery.

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Suspect sought in student's slaying

the name on the mailbox is from the previous owner....

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Homicide suspect's trial set

Baille,Maybe I should rephrase. Freedom of the press does mean a story can be reported and published but it doesnt mean that they can give all the details of evidence that is being saved for trial. What I meant by "they print what the general public is allowed to know" is that the police arnt just giving out all the details on a silver platter, so yes they are reporting what they know, which isnt much and then the public will get to know what they know... which again isnt much. I have read several articles about crimes committed that have stated that certain information and evidence isnt allowed to be released at this time or until after the court date. Sure any "rats found in resturant" story will report almost all the details but in this particular case they are definantly not reporting all the details.

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Homicide suspect's trial set

It's amazing to me how people can state such opinions without even knowing the details. LJworld reports what they are ALLOWED to report. I'm sure that more things will unravel in time with the court hearing and such. And before making comments about the mother and why she let this or that happen, maybe think a little more and acknowledge that unseen events are taking place and you're not aware of the whole story... the only awareness you have is of what you've read and choose to believe. I noticed that even the grandfathers obituary was linked just to prove a point. It seems a lot of people on here spend all day just writing nonsense under any and every article they can find to rant about just to prove a bunch of points that they can only back up with what the media knows... and don't kid yourself, the news doesn't know much and if they do know something, chances are they probably arnt allowed to share it with the public. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones... and i'm not trying to take away from their memory... just trying to explain that the newspaper is only allowed to publish what the public is allowed to know. So don't expect to have an "insiders advantage" on any story you read in the paper that is dedicated to the general public... it just doesnt work that way.

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