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Did you go to Osawatomie to see President Obama speak?

+1 Gud poynt!
Small minds talk about people.

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25 years ago: One year after attack, many Kansas towns outlaw 'vicious dogs'

Woof! This should bring out the Sybils in full force.

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Gage Management alleges $10,581 taken from business account

True, bozo, this probably had more to do with the commenter more so than the comment.

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Former colleague of abortion doctor Tiller blames state for his death

Artichokeheart should be carefully monitored for condoning murder.
Before deleting this post, please view artichokeheart's posts on this subject.

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KC mom admits she was drunk when her baby vanished

WOW! Ag said nothing that wasn't true. I find it so sad and telling that a poster who, in the past, has tried to ruin respectible peoples' lives, would complain because someone said something about an anonymous name. At least nobody has used her real name as she has done on numerous occasions. Karma, baby, Karma - waiting around the corner.......

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KC mom admits she was drunk when her baby vanished

Heaven forbid anyone other than the great enforcer should jump to any conclusion when it comes to the guilt of anyone in the news.

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Attorneys challenge Guy Neighbors' mental competence ruling for trial

Is it over? How do you figure - their lives have been changed forever.

Who cares who bought the inventory - or is this yet another conspiracy? We all await the all-knowing choke's vast knowledge of the criminal element in LVille.


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Courtroom full of police and detectives sees 21-year-old man sentenced for injuring Lawrence officer

Why does it not surprise me that the all-knowing arti would tell other people's business on here? Who are you to judge whether this boy was actually helped as you say? Just what is immoral in your eyes? Adultery, unmarried young girls having babies they can't support, sons striking their disabled mothers? Hmmmm.

Tell me, what is the difference between a 21 year old man and a 40 something woman comitting battery on an LEO?

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Siedlecki, aides explain decision to close Lawrence SRS office

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know it all don't you? It's all hilariously funny 'till YOUR check doesn't show up in the mail. Disgusting.

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Brownback criticized for signing abortion bill that opponents say will hurt women who get impregnated after being raped

Based on past postings, artichoke would blame the victims for neglecting to keep their legs crossed.

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