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Don't listen to the employee that reply above. This place is horrible. We just got back from the vet after taking our pet to this trailer park of a groomer. Add that to your price as well. Cuts and bruises = pain for your pet for days after, uneven terrible grooming, and they said it would take 3-4 hours but it took them 9. Not to mention they will quote you a price but then up it by 50-75% after the work is already done on top of the vet visit you'll be making. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! GO TO A GROOMER THAT IS CLEAN AND KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING. I don't normally write any reviews online but this place brought it out in me. My pet is going through pain and trauma but yours doesn't have to. We have been to a couple other groomers in Lawrence and NEVER had anything like this happen.

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Two people injured, including one firefighter, in fire on Cynthia Street in west Lawrence

Great journalism on that parakeet angle/photo you shameless pricks

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Douglas County Underwater Search and Recovery Team makes icy plunge in pond on KU's West Campus for rescue practice

Are they practicing talents or skills? Pretty cool nonetheless.

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Free State Communications agrees to sell Topeka's KTKA to Los Angeles broadcasting company

I doubt Free State got much out of the deal. I bet that the local PBS station gets higher ratings than KTKA.

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Report: Woman found in vehicle died from hypothermia; overnight temperatures dipped to 4 degrees

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Topeka police make arrest in connection with early morning shooting on Redbud Lane in Lawrence

I wanna be a doctor at LMH...I could just sit on my butt and pass off patients to KC

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Would you purchase a postage stamp honoring Wilt Chamberlain?

How about a person who has done something for society and not someone who threw a ball into a basket and had sex with women for a living.

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