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Runners to flood Mass. Street in April for Kansas Marathon

Why call it the Kansas Marathon when it's only a half? Why not call it the Kansas Half Marathon and then call the race the Kansas Marathon when they make it one? It's just like calling this summer's triathlon event an Ironman. It wasn't an Ironman, it was a half Ironman. What gives, Ryan Robinson? I think that's a little dishonest. I'm neither trivializing the half marathon nor the half ironman, I'm just saying let's call it what it is.

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How to choose a doctor

I've always had great (and timely) service and Internal Medicine Group and I like that they can do lab and x-rays in house. Sigler Pharmacy shares the same bldg so it's one-stop shopping.

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Deerfield voters cast their ballots

LJW, I'd like those minutes of my life back, please. What on earth was the point of this? I thought it might be a news story. It was little more than crickets chirping. Perhaps the real news story will follow? Proposed headline: "Some residents just vote because it's Election Day"

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Today's Red Dog's Dog Days workout

i'm tired of all the dog days speakers.

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Growing business

GAH! It's "locally". He doesn't live local. Local is an adjective, live is a verb. Adverbs, not adjectives, modify verbs. He lives locally.

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2,000 make annual brew run

The race directors are crazy if they think participation will go up with smaller teams. The entry forms were explicit about a 5-person limit on team size but no one would ever know if a team ran with 10 people. I'll remember that next year when I'm putting together my team. This year's race was the most poorly organized race I have ever run. The mileage for the first four legs was all wrong. It's not as if they haven't done this before - I don't understand how they could have made mistakes like that. However, it IS a really fun race to run in spite of the poor organization.For those considering the race next year, plan accordingly, do not expect course support and run with your own food and water and you will be fine.

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Do you already have plans for your economic stimulus check?

If I spend my check, I will do exactly what Bush wants: stimulate the US economy. Instead, as a small protest, I intend to purchase an airline ticket (foreign-owned, of course) and blow my economic stimulus check in a country that frequently opposes the Bush Administration.

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Possible snow-clearing changes get cold shoulder

I fully support the ordinance. As an early morning runner, I appreciate the home owners and businesses that shovel their sidewalks to make them safe for pedestrians. I only wish the city would strictly enforce the mandate.

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Democratic caucuses draw big turnout in Lawrence

I must say that even though getting to/from the fair grounds was a pain and the wait was long, that caucus was so much fun! It was surely the best party in town with 2200 fellow liberals. Now, if only we had all brought some food and beer... I found the electoral process much more tangible in a room full of mud-covered friends and neighbors! I only wish our government valued citizen participation enough to declare mandatory holidays so that everyone could participate.

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Buzz about Botox attracts 30-something

I think it's a shame that medical doctors peddle procedures like this. Doctors should promote healthy lifestyles, not cosmetic procedures like botox injection and lipo dissolve.

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