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Fire at apartment building early Sunday morning fits pattern of recent suspected arsons

Arsonists are almost always troubled, mentally ill individuals.

Everyone in the neighborhood needs to keep their eyes and ears open. If you see or hear a kid even talking or joking about setting a fire, report them immediately. Arsonists like to talk about what they did.

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Lawrence man ticketed after clipping elbow of bicyclist

Thanks, Earl for clarifying. So it's pretty obviously a case of unwarranted road rage.
The D.A. should press charges.

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Lawrence man ticketed after clipping elbow of bicyclist

Okay, I think I get it now. Goes like this: the driver passes the group of cyclists, then stops, waits for the cyclists to pass him, and then speeds up, passes them again, intentionally clipping on of them. No accident there. It was an intentional act.
The driver should get more than a traffic citation. It's assault with a deadly weapon or at least reckless endangerment.

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Lawrence man ticketed after clipping elbow of bicyclist

Can you be more specific in your description of the incident, since you were a witness?
"Stopped after he buzzed?" I don't think anybody reading this has any idea what you mean.
By "buzzed" do you mean "honked the horn?"
If that's the case, then I can sort of picture it. He slowed down behind the group rather than passing normally, honked angrily and then sped up and purposefully clipped the cyclists. Can you tell us how fast he was going when he passed you?

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Early-morning fire displaces family of 11 from rural Douglas County home

turns out it was caused by poor fireplace safety.

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Early-morning fire displaces family of 11 from rural Douglas County home

LogicMan, did you read about the family that was killed in Connecticut? The mom was a top New York ad exec with a 7 figure salary. They had the best brand-new construction money could buy, smoke dectectors, fire stops and insurance. Didn't save her family. all of her children AND her parents were killed.

I think the point is that a smoke detector is worthless if you don't have a good way to get out of the house. A lot of these big MacMansions would benefit from external fire exits, but many neighborhood associations forbid them.

I remember looking at a house in the Barker district where the owners took down the old iron fire escape to the attic because they thought it looked "tacky." I hope to God they never have a fire.

Kudos to Mr. Guillory for making his family do fire drills. That's what saved their lives.

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2 teens still in critical condition after accident

I wasn't there, but I'm pretty sure what happened is that the WB Acura misjudged the speed of the Northbound Tahoe. They thought they could make it.
I turn left/right on that intersection all the time. Even sober, it's tricky, and I've had many a horn honk at me from behind because they thought I should go for it when I knew that I wouldn't make it or I would be cutting it too close for comfort.
If you drive a stick, then you also have gravity against you because of the hill.
Although it's obvious that the Acura was at fault, the investigation also needs to take a look at the speed of the northbound Tahoe. They might have been going too fast.
Folks, when in doubt, don't go out into that intersection. Wait until it's clear. Better to piss off the impatient driver behind you than to end up in intensive care.

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Unattended body found in woods Saturday; 'no obvious signs of foul play'

CarolinaKitty lives there and it pretty obvious that that the smell was terrible. In this heat, especially.

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Neon sign, doughnut recipes from Joe's Bakery sold to KU Memorial Unions

Stumbling home from the bar, getting an egg salad sandwich, puking all over your shoes, passing out in the alley. The Best.

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Dead wild cat found in 2200 block of Bob Billings Parkway

Pictures or it didn't happen.

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