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City to install blue traffic lights for catching drivers running red lights

SORRY!!! I just realized that it's not a lack of information in the article. It was just some obnoxious poll placed OVER the article that prevented me from reading until I answered questions. Please forgive my earlier criticism.

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City to install blue traffic lights for catching drivers running red lights

I'm glad you responded to the comments, but isn't it a bit 'telling' that it took three people writing comments/questions on this article to find out what the article was trying to describe? If I hadn't read through the comments, I'd still be clueless. The reader is left completely to guess what the "blue lights" actually are.

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Sweet potato oatmeal breakfast pancakes with a spinach omelet..

That pancake recipe sounds amazing! Will definitely be trying it this week. I'm already eating sweet potatoes and oats almost every day, and spinach several times a I can fit them all into one meal! I try to eat oats every morning

My go-to lunch lately has been a baked sweet potato, along with a salad of spinach, garbanzo or red beans, fresh tomato chunks or cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot and parmesan. There isn't a ton of protein in that meal but it's got everything else: good quality carbs, lots of fiber and colorful phytonutrients. I like to add a glass of organic milk for more protein to keep me going all afternoon. The beans have some but not quite enough. As for the baked sweet potatoes, I bake several at a time and then just fridge them and pull one out to reheat throughout the week. Easy and delicious!

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Early Sunday fire causes $264,000 in damages at home in 1300 block of Tennessee Street

Not sure what all was valued at $264k, but with 10 residents I'm sure many of them had expensive electronics, clothes, etc. that may have been added to the damage if they were destroyed.

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Man dies after head-on motorcycle accident on Iowa Street; road shut down for nearly five hours

(This was directed at the neighborhood homeowners that fought to avoid a turn lane on the busiest street in town. Not directed at any particular commenter here).

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Man dies after head-on motorcycle accident on Iowa Street; road shut down for nearly five hours

^^ This. The neighborhood is near the the biggest hub of activity in town, KU campus. Traffic needs to be managed, this isn't a quiet subdivision neighborhood. Maintaining quietness is more important than safe traffic flow? Ridiculous, move to the cookie-cutter houes in West Lawrence.

Shame that it takes a tragic event like this to make that point so clear.

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Kansas ordered to resume funding Planned Parenthood

I understand what the article says, but this sentence (pretty much the crux of the article) is too condensed. It doesn't make any sense. Clarify the two "it" ! I realize it's just a repost of an AP article but the writing is RUBBISH.

"U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten on Tuesday rejected the state's request that it pay Planned Parenthood monthly and only for services provided while it appeals his Aug. 1 injunction blocking the law."

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2011 Lawrence CSA guide: How to get a constant stream of local veggies into your house without so much as a shopping trip

Thanks for the great information. I only first heard of CSAs from my brother who lives on the east coast, and felt ashamed I live in the Heartland and didn't know of any local CSAs. This is an excellent article for those interested in supporting Lawrence and the surrounding community of hard-working farmers.

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Man who raped elderly woman wants shorter term

Great point. The fact that both the KC Star AND the LJ World would refer to an "average rape" is absolutely repulsive.

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