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News of a downtown Lawrence hotel sale, and more on resort and casino talk

Thank you for all of these updates on developments. On that note... anything new on the North Lawrence boardwalk idea??

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North Lawrence accident leaves pedestrian with serious injuries

And also, Lawrence Memorial receives no tax support from the City of Lawrence or Douglas County.

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North Lawrence accident leaves pedestrian with serious injuries

Because Lawrence Memorial is not a trauma center hospital. A trauma center provides expert emergency care to individuals who have experienced a serious injury from an external force. Stormont-Vail is the closest trauma center to Lawrence. Hospitals that are not trauma centers have emergency rooms because plenty of people in the community have emergency needs that are not trauma related (e.g. heart attacks which Lawrence Memorial provides award-winning care for).

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KU student hit by car released from hospital

Thoughts are with this poor girl's loved ones.

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N. Lawrence development project needs design guidelines, city says

The point of the city commission is to represent the population, that's why they are elected...

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Waiting for The Game: Scenes from around Lawrence

If you misguidedly enrolled in a certain course... you're in a lecture hall thinking that the teacher has a grudge against KU school spirit. Seriously, if I wanted to see clips of Saturday Night Fever, I'd watch them on a Saturday night. What point is he trying to make??

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Regents want KU to raise admission standards

Give tuition waivers for KU employees' dependents! With over 2000 faculty members you would see a rise in intelligent and motivated students who's parents obviously want to see them succeed. In addition you would be able to recruit better faculty members which will help KU's reputation.

Do it!

December 14, 2011 at 7:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )'s most popular stories for Wednesday, May 11 and a note about covering suicide

I think the PDF you provided is a good resource. In it the multiple agencies that assembled it suggest "Covering suicide carefully, even briefly, can change public misperceptions and correct myths, which can encourage those who are vulnerable or at risk to seek help."

Maybe the ljworld should take that into consideration.

I have not posted on this website very often, mostly because I like to pick my battles, but I will say I have been less and less impressed with the policies of

On a similar note, I also think it is wrong that when reporting on a death, they open the articles up to comments (which many other sites refuse to do). What are they hoping to accomplish? Condolences can always be sent via memorial sites or on funeral home pages. Perhaps they want the comment section to provide more information on the story? But that seems like lazy journalism.

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Lawrence high school students to participate at KU's Mini College in June

The website is
Registration open until May 15th!

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City of Lawrence agrees to pay $50,000 as part of settlement in medical gas case

I disagree with the posts questioning the validity of the lawsuit against the city. As stated in the article and reiterated by other posters, the city is liable because they irresponsibly signed off on the inspection which they were not qualified to perform. Lawsuits both provide relief for wrong doings, and encourage a greater respect for rules. I am happy this family has closely examined everyone responsible and is pursuing them to the fullest extent so that this story doesn't repeat itself. Having to pursue multiple lawsuit would be physically and emotionally draining, but they are fighting to make sure we can all rest easy knowing our healthcare providers have taken the necessary steps to ensure our safety. We should be able to use healthcare to get better, not fear the worst.

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