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Two Fort Leavenworth soldiers arrested as suspects in KU campus armed robbery

actually, there are quite a few enlisted soldiers at fort leavenworth...a lot of them are in MP units. plus there are single soldier quarters, where most of the younger soldiers live. certainly not as many as ft. hood or riley, but i doubt the LJW got that wrong.

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Onside kick turning point in KU's 52-45 comeback over Colorado

too bad it wasn't televised...

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Lawrence man taken to Overland Park hospital after accident on K-10 east of town

This has nothing to do with speeding. It's the fact that people try to speed across all 4 lanes of traffic at Franklin Rd. Or when people pull out onto K-10 from one of those side streets and don't speed up quick enough. Had a semi do that to me once at the exit of the business park and had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him. People just need to make smarter decisions...waiting an extra 20 seconds to make sure traffic is clear before crossing isn't a big deal.

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KU Band Day parade set for Saturday afternoon in Downtown Lawrence

There's also not a huge amount of space on the field for 2 large marching bands. Most of the schools who come are quite small and many don't get a lot of opportunities to go to competitions (even though this isn't one) and play on a field, something that both LHS and FSHS have a lot of.

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Should the Lawrence high schools close their campuses during lunch?

Keep it open. I had it in high school (only juniors and seniors) and it was nice to be able to get out for awhile and not be stuck with school food or whatever cold lunch you could bring from home. If kids want to skip school, they're going to do it whether or not there's open lunch.

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New regulations govern mo-peds on KU campus someone who lived in a schol hall for 2 years...there weren't nearly enough spots for all of the students there and now that there are 2 more halls i'm sure it's worse. if you were gone after 8 or 9:00 at night you were screwed and had to park down by the bars or closer to GSP/Corbin. there's a reason it's called the rape lot.
maybe there were spots in the afternoon, but certainly not at night.

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New regulations govern mo-peds on KU campus

Wow another fine decision from the parking department. People get pissed at high parking costs and buy a moped instead. Whoops, now there's too many mopeds! Maybe they should take a hint.
Husband and I had a moped while at KU...if I had to park in the same place as a car and not be able to drive on Jayhawk Blvd there would have been no incentive to drive a more fuel-efficient moped and I probably would've just bought the car permit. There's already not enough parking on campus and now you're going to have more spots taken by mopeds and more people ditching mopeds thus driving cars again. Driving the 'ped in crappy weather was ok considering I could park right next to the building and I was saving money.
About the sidewalk thing...I've had to jump out of the way of bikes coming up on the sidewalk to park in the racks - not much different than a moped.
Glad I'm gone!

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Parents wary of moving 6th-graders

Hey guess what, hormones happen whether they are in elementary or junior high, so that doesn't really matter. As an elementary teacher, I believe that 6th graders should be in a junior high, which is how it is at most Kansas schools. They feel like they don't belong in elementary anymore, think they're too cool, and during this time in their lives, frankly a lot of them just need the rude awakening of junior high.

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Your pet did what?

My 6 month old puppy stole a huge raw chicken breast off of the counter last night and before I could turn around to stop her she had swallowed the whole thing. 3 hours later she coughed it up WHOLE on the carpet. I said to my husband, "well honey, there's the rest of our dinner!"

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