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Teller's restaurant to change name and concept to Merchants Pub & Plate

Another Freestate point, one would think you'd want to be one of those 30 taps. I know I would as a brewery, some breweries have guest taps from time to time.
Wait and see what beers are there, if Freestate doesn't want to be poured there that's a odd elitist decision.

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Teller's restaurant to change name and concept to Merchants Pub & Plate

A "new concept " it is not, but a change of scenery for Lawrence. There are many places like this in KC, giving good options in drink and food. Of course parking downtown can be a hassle.
Not sure exactly why a lot of folks are rushing to defend Freestate. Freestate is a brewery, not a gastropub, the food is OK, and on occasion the beer selection is decent. Last time I checked they weren't in any jeopardy of closing the doors.

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How would you improve downtown Lawrence?

Get the gum cleaned up.

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Team first: Seabury boys' success hinges on role players

Way to support local. Private, or public any school in Lawrence should have local support.

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USPS consolidating 7 mail processing centers

No, the internet is killing jobs. How often do you write a check to pay a bill, or write a letter to memaw. Get real the USPS is overrated. We wont need to worry about employee's going "postal" much longer now will we.

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City moves Auto Plaza project forward

SOOOOO, if Briggs gets to put up a windmill like KU did over on west campus, and Zarco has a wind turbine on 9th, when do residents get the option? I just think if everyone can stick up a dish in the yard or on the side of the house for tv, I should be abel to have a wind turbine or windmill.

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Town Talk: Esquina reopens with new emphasis on Spanish-Mediterranean, seafood dishes; Tapas looks to create open-air storefront; 23rd St. quick lube proposal not so quick at City Hall

“I have been away from having my hand in the daily operations, and I want to be back in. But there is no place for me to be in a counter-service, inexpensive restaurant.”
Said Krause, who is a classically trained chef who previously gained a national reputation for serving $80 per plate meals out of his Dan Rockhill designed home in East Lawrence.
Well why in the Heck would you open a restaurant like this to begin with? He's acting like he's swooping in to save this crummy little restaurant, and give it the great Krause blessing.
I wonder if the change is due to the possible fact that people were getting wise to the overrated slop coming from the kitchen.
$13 for Paella for lunch, get real.

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Town Talk: Talk of a West Lawrence recreation center involving KU Athletics heats up; a car wash project and a discussion about whether the city is business friendly

I would much rather have this than "my tax dollars" being used for a library. I agree on voting on the issue. And maybe you could stop sectioning off the city. West of Iowa is still Lawrence, we are a community we should start acting like it.

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2nd library director candidate presents vision for future

So we are all in agreement then? Anything library related is a huge waste of time and tax money.

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Public input sought on trash, recycling report

Mandatory carts? Screw that. Not enough room in the garage, and what an eyesore two carts parked outside will be.

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