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Mrs. Mass.: Home-grown groceries only if the price points of the products were conducive to those below the poverty line.

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Drug testing for welfare benefits one of many bills worked on as Legislature nears deadline

Your distorted image of the 'drug user' typifies such a narrow-minded world view that accompanies such remarks. I am sure alcohol (use to be prohibited; now legal) contributes to 'truancy' and 'non-productiveness' more so than other illegal drugs.

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Conservatives changing state government

Wow. The picture accompanying this article displays the diverse cultural backgrounds our state legislators incorporate into their identities....and subsequent decisions. When can we (rational) humans begin our (r)evolutionary duty of thinning the regressive genome? In true adolescent fashion, I WANT IT NOW!!!!

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Sound Off: Asteroid approach

Tesla (Nicola) was responsible for the explosion in 1908....get your fax straight!

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Editorial: Village vision

Thanks a bunch!

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Editorial: Village vision

Is this commission meeting open to the public? If so, where?

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Letter: School priority

There is a clause in this bill that will render teachers and administrators powerless in opposition to any education reform (finance, academic standards, etc.). There will come a time when the citizens of the free republic of Kansas enact a bloody revolt in reaction to this dictatorship.

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Eagles Day takes visitors to see eagles in the wild, teaches about conservation

If you were downtown Saturday in the noon hour, you were treated to a graceful show when two bald eagles made slow, sweeping circles in the sky. Majestic!

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Escaped sex offender captured Tuesday in Oread neighborhood

from the scanner last night......He was a convicted child rapist that was on his way to Colorado...he slipped his cuffs....5' 5" Code 3 (Black male) with black sweat pants and a blue stripped sweater. It was quite exciting to hear all the drama, but at the same time a let down they couldn't find the dude.

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President Santos news conference 2

It is creepy how much this guy looks like the love child of Brownback and Shatner.

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