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'Guns are not worth more than children’s lives': One month after Florida massacre, students in Lawrence join national walkout

An interesting meme, you say? That doesn't strike me as a reliable source and these numbers look sketch to me, so how about you post some proof?

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Library offering light therapy to those suffering from seasonal depression

This is awesome. What a great idea! Bravo!

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Public's help sought in missing Kansas woman investigation

Searched her name and it looks like it was, indeed, a year ago.

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Budget provision would block state funding for Common Core standards

I'm tellin alla yall, it's sabotage.

conservatives want privatized education, but they can't just shut down the public school system, so for the past however many years, they just keep effing with it, trying to dismantle the system, bit by bit, until the schools are so bad that parents give up and go the private route, and eventually they will achieve their goal: no more public education.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Exactly this. Perfect analogy.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

I think the point that is being missed here is that, HOLY CRAP: if you screw up and your kid is late to school more than 7 times over the course of 10 months, DCF is going to be knocking on your door. You will be going to court(?!) and people who don't know you are going to be prying into your private life and causing you AND your child stress and misery. Because your child was late to school less than once a month over the course of a school year. SERIOUSLY. Am I the only one who is floored by this?
SO, the details of this statewide policy are left to the discretion of each individual school, as evidenced by the varied policies referenced in the article. YET, if you ask the school district, they blame the state and say that they have no choice in the matter. If the state is going to mandate this draconian policy, then it should be enforced EQUALLY district-wide. What's good for Deerfield should be good enough for Langston Hughes, amiright?
I've heard unrelated negative stories about the Principal at Deerfield, and I tend to believe that where there's smoke, there's fire. Principals (i.e. middle management, pretty much?), in my opinion, should NOT have the unmitigated power to unleash a powerful and far-reaching governmental agency like DCF/SRS/whatever it is nowadays on families unless there is an actual, good reason to do so! How is it even possible that there isn't a requirement to give notice and offer a chance to remedy the situation prior to contacting authorities? I'm freaking appalled right now. I was appalled two years ago when I happened to catch a glimpse of the truancy policy in a friend's handbook.
I am a product of USD497. Deerfield, as a matter of fact. I'm thankful that I had the presence of mind to choose to NOT live in the Deerfield neighborhood, beautiful as it is - I don't want my kid to have the same kind of experience I had all those years ago. Talk about bullies. Sounds like this Principal is a bully, too.
Oh, and PS - aren't most of you people anti when it comes to the idea of the government knocking on your door and telling you what to do? Isn't that the kind of rhetoric I usually see being vomited forth by most of you? Yet - WOW - way to be incredibly harsh and judgmental toward a parent (I'm guessing single parent?) you've never met, who is obviously struggling. Mom - I'm with you. This is BS. Not looking forward to dealing with it when my kid starts KG in August. I'll probably oversleep one too many times and end up running into you at the courthouse at some point. Good luck and I hope things work out for you. Thank you for speaking out.

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Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

does the liquor license mean mimosas with my breakfast?

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Winter storm forces cancellation of classes, events

Thank you. This. Keep your kids home. Problem solved.

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Statehouse Live: Opponents of anti-union bill say it could shut down nearly all union political speech

a few thousand? no, try a few dollars from each paycheck. this bill would create a barrier to contributing to political causes and would hamper the unions' voices in the political process.

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