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Kansas attorney general's office spends $476K defending new abortion laws

Or relatively cheap protection of little people

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Wrong course

It's funny how everyone thinks that tax cuts end up in peoples' pockets because they own a business. Taxes are a major obstacle to hiring. Believe me I pay my fair share of taxes and employ 9 people. I am short staffed and would love to bring on more staffing. I added one this year and am looking for opportunities. I am sure though that you have personal experiences that lead you to trash the tax cuts and personal knowledge of how jobs couldn't possibly be created by putting the money in the hands of people that need more employees.

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Commissioners enthusiastic for Lowe's but have significant concerns about proposed location

This location is across the street from the high school in a development. Lowes is going to do the bulk of business on nights and weekends, when school is out. IF we can manage the development properly what is the problem?? Props to the city councilman that finally stated that the business wouldn't invest in the community if it couldn't support both. They would not build a store to fail, would they? I wouldn't mind either location along 6th, but driving across town when working on a project can be difficult, especially with the city continuing to develop west.

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Douglas County to consider ‘jaw-dropper’ property tax increase of 16.6 percent

You don't know what you are talking about! Taxes flow through the S Corp to the owner even if they are held in the business.

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Douglas County to consider ‘jaw-dropper’ property tax increase of 16.6 percent

AMEN! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY! Now that they can't justify their 10% a year appraisal hikes this had to happen. God forbid we cut out the extra handouts and combine agencies for efficiencies like a well run business would do

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Sales tax exceeds liquor tax in Lawrence after statewide increase

NE does not tax food but they have a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT... imagine that!!

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Lining up for swine flu shots

Seriously, we are arguing about taking a little time to get a free shot to keep disease away. I waited two hours for my 18 month old to be "diagnosed" with H1N1. I was happy that my pregnant wife and two kids could go and get the shot today. They weren't complaining about a wait to get the shot. Revisit your priorities people. Sometimes you have to wait a bit.

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Who should be responsible for making sure students are eating a healthy lunch?

I agree it is all 3. Parents if they are preparing lunch should make it healthy, The school district if they are cooking, and their should be some minimum health requirements for food quality. Nice and simple. BESIDES... when was the last time kids didn't pick through their lunch and eat what they want and throw away the rest. I think that is part of being a kid!

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How do you feel about offering benefits to domestic partners?

So where do we stop? Your sister, brother, other random roommate needs health insurance so they move in to take up your plan. Health insurance is a huge expense for employers but we are so caught up here on feeling disadvantaged, go get a job at a place that has benefits yourself just like the rest of the working class has to. It is expensive as I pay for 4 in my family and it is a huge weight but I do it. The next post will say you should be free to work where you want and use whosever benefits you want. I say this is America and we are free to work for a place or leave it for something better. If you don't like capitalism find a place where there is socialist medicine, otherwise stop feeling entitled.

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Do you think the city should raise property taxes to pay for street repairs?

I get it... we can't hike property taxes 7% by raising property values this next year because property sales have slowed -- let's find another way to raise taxes. Could I have one year where my mortgage payment doesn't rise due to taxes?? If our city councilmen wouldn't spend millions defending the city in Wal-Mart suits they brought on by their ignorance there would be money for road improvements. I, for one, am voting for change at the next elections and I encourage everyone else to consider it!!

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