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Former state representative Solbach critically injured after ATV and car collide

Any word on the wreck yesterday on K10 and E1200 road just west of 59 intersection? Wife drove by and said a man was motionless and possibly stuck in his car. I never saw anything about it on here. Thanks

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Not boring

I'm guessing Buddy was driving to that game. He's probably the same guy that drives 45 in a 65. Silly Buddy!

And yes Eileen you did miss some of the game, i.e. stupid plays, good-looking women, athleticism, bad calls, and even head blows to the solar plexus.

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Four-way stop coming to Baldwin Junction

How about we speed up the process for the 4-lane highway! 59 from Lawrence to Ottawa is terrible and it takes forever to go from one place to the other!

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Disappointed fan

Yeah oscar, it was kind of a joke....

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Disappointed fan

I have an '03-'04 AFC West Champions, Kansas City Chiefs, banner hanging the length of my garage door at my house. Nobodys ever messed with it?!?

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Soggy, but superior

Yeah, great job Conrad. Better than I could have done. But look up at the picture of his 'caddie' holding the umbrella for him. You see the picture and you say hmmm, must be some big time golfer at a tour event. Nope, just Conrad in the Lawrence City Championship. He played in much bigger events in college, did he have a caddie then?? Don't think so boys....and you guys are right, I do get off on bashing this guy;)

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Soggy, but superior

Well thank you Mr. Fred for that response. I play a lot of golf at Eagle Bend, not Alvamar Country Club like yourself, I'm sure you know everything about golf. At Eagle Bend we carry our own clubs or ride a cart. We do not invite our buddies to come along and carry our clubs and an umbrella when it is sprinkling outside. This isn't the pga Fred! Go ahead and go back to your country club with your wine spritzer and I'll be out riding, with my friend that plays golf not carries my clubs, out at Eagle Bend. Which I'm sure you've never visited and and probably never will, but in the event that you do, watch out for the 'Sasquatch!'

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Soggy, but superior

C'mon, you had a caddie?! This is the City Championship in Lawrence, KS, not the British Open! T.I.E. you wank!

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Wichita basketball player in video charged with battery

T.I.E. ladies! I actually know who this Felix guy is and he's a little older than you all think. Very smart man, owns his own business. I'll leave the name out just to be on the safe side though. If it makes you feel any better, I'm sure you've done business through him before!! haha

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