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KU law school grads opening bilingual firm

After four or five years of living on the vapor of helping illegal immigrants they will join a sleezy product liability law firm and be controlled by corporations that profit from expoiting illegal immigrants.

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Hy-Vee to open environmentally friendly convenience store on Thursday

It's great that there will now be an alternative to Miller Mart in that part of town. Miller Mart is trashy and high priced.

Perhaps, Hy-Vee can help Miller Mart pursue a new business model, as in "out of business."

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Highly anticipated opening of new Dillons set for Sunday

The opening of the new Dillions store in Lawrence, KS. is so surreal. Its epic!! Its biblical!! It is a defining moment in human history!! Oh, I almost forgot...can we get a mop-up in aisle two for that pickle jar spill.

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Sick and tired of the waiting game

“I mostly need someone who can come in and do the things I can’t, like doing dishes, sweeping and mopping the floor,” she said.

Perhaps, she is sincere and her crcumstances are legitimately beyond her control. However, something tells me that Patti was never too diligent about cleaning dishes or sweeping and mopping the floor?

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Taking a look at restaurant violations

Where are the "free market" Libertarians that argue to eliminate government inspectors and let the unregulated, free market induce the owners to clean-up their restaurants?

These restaurants know in advance that they are subject to annual inspections, but many of them are still filthy, unclean, health hazards. How gross and unhealthy would they be if they were never inspected in an unregulated free market?

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Tough guys: staff picks for Kansas enforcers

The LJW sports staff writers are hypotheically choosing former KU athletes for "when you might need a little help to get out of a sticky situation."

Does the "sticky situation" incude robbery, assault, rape, drugs, driving drunk, fathering illegitmate children or using knives and guns? Because many former KU athletes have experience in those areas.

So, the answer is that it just depends on what type of "sticky situation" it is.

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Looking to avoid a long wait at the DMV? Plan ahead

My comment is not meant to be a wild conspiracy theory, but I really think something else is going on with the sudden systemic problems with the Kansas DMV. Several years ago customer service at the Kansas DMV was accurate, quick, and professional regardless of the time of day or time of year.

Anyone doing DMV related business on both sides of the state line knew that Missouri provided terribly bureacratic, slow, inaccurate, and callous customer service. However, the experience with KS DMV was positive and professional.

Now it appears that KS DMV is pathetically disorganized, inept and completely out-of-touch with serving KS citizens. They offer the excuse that it is just heavy volume for the time of year. Well, I don't believe it.

Perhaps, it is part of an underlying agenda to manipulate Kansan's to accept "free market" privatizing of state services operated by private corporations as a better alternative to being operated by state government.

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All-Star Game cleanup efforts rankle some

About a four mile wide and twenty mile long area that stretches diagonally northwest to southeast starting with KC-KS through KC-MO, through Independence-MO, through Grandview-MO, all the way to Belton-MO needs to be completely razed and purified by fire.

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Sound Off: Is it legal to have a portable basketball stand or a pile of wood on a public sidewalk?


You and the Penn. State athletic department are a good match.

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Thank you for pointing it out. Your point is provocative and pertinent from many different perspectives.

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