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Simons' Saturday Column: Unique development arrangement raises questions

The expanding level of collusion and corruption between the city officials, certain local businesses and a few old Lawrence families with money is astonishing. Of course, history also shows that the "private and stand-alone" KU Athletics organization is increasingly suspect, too.

It must be coincidence that the same circle of people are always associated with shady, underhanded activity; from real estate scams in Junction City to public financing of private developments in Lawrence to ticket scandals at KU.

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Opinion: New victim of black blindness?

FBI crime statistics that show a particular group of people are 13% of the population and that group commits over 80% of violent crime in the U.S. How does the "blindness" concept explain that?

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Topeka man injured in morning accident in "satisfactory condition"

As usual and once again, the LJW exercises discretion and reports the known facts at the time of posting considerably before other agencies report on the incident. In addition, the LJW possesses the integrity and objectivity to allow bone-heads readers such as 'skinny', 'JackMcKee' and others to post derogatory remarks about it.

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Attorney fired over tweets during Kline hearing


He/she is unethical. He/she is a lawyer.

He/she is dishonest. He/she is a lawyer.

He/she is untrustworthy. He/she is a lawyer.

He/she is sleazy. He/she is a lawyer.

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County GOP under new leaders

The conservative-republican-tea party leaders, constituency and platform of elitist exclusion, priviledged entitlement and self absorption that is responsible for the past 30 years of cultural, financial and social decline in the U.S. is (slowly, but assuredly) being replaced by inclusionary, socially responsible, critically thoughtful and sane men and women...see the election of 2008 and 2012.

So, Ms. Rea, you and your cohorts continue the conservative tea party "congruent-with-faith" efforts. Ironically, but thankfully it is an eventual path to political self destruction.

...hello my name is <insert name> and I am a conservative tea party republican...

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Are there any advancements you’d like to see the country make in the next century?

Oohhh !! I get it now... after noticing Karen's specific choice of words and the coy grin on their is a sly reference to a Master-Mistress BDSM thing. Carry on...

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Lawrence runners surprised, disappointed by New York City Marathon cancellation

Mr. Catloth is upset because the "run" as he says is "all of a sudden, it's gone." Since he evidently consider his "run" to be more important then thousands of people losing their homes, their businesses, their lives!!! then it's appropriate for my patronage of his store to be all of a sudden gone, too.

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Inexcusable Customer Service by Haskell Indian Nations University Employees

As a long-time reader of editorials and comments about HINU in the LJW over the past several months including the latest room-check tizzy; the answer to several problems appear simple. All students and faculty must complete mandatory yearly training in individual responsibility, social maturity and personal hygiene.

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Lawrence police release video seeking suspects with warrants

The head-banging background noise is directly from the video posted on the LPD website. It is part of a new citizen awareness effort. Incarcerated inmates reveal "music" identified with dopers, gang bangers and thugs, then that music becomes part ot the public help campaign.

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