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'A giant mess': Governor working with lawmakers to fix $80M error in Kansas school funding bill

Have you investigated the staffing at the corporations you support? Or their expense accounts? Or their multi-level management programs? Have you spent 1/10th of the time "investigating" the wasted expenditures of the private businesses you support as you do assailing public servants? No?

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'A giant mess': Governor working with lawmakers to fix $80M error in Kansas school funding bill

And you know what creates a good educational system? How many days have you spent in the past year in a classroom?

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Kansas State athletics eliminates annual student fee

Just a few years ago, our present A.D. decided to strip away a couple of hundred seats from students who had the audacity to balk at paying into the Charlie Weis/Turner Gill retirement fund. The message from Zenger was clear; I didn't hire Bill Self and have had nothing to do with any of his success, but I'm not afraid to use his program as a blunt instrument when it comes to milking even more money out of you. So don't mess with me you 20-year-old college kids.

His bullying tactic, adolescent in its nature, should have cost him his job that day. Bernadette, in this area, you could have done us all so much good by pulling the plug on the guy who would bring us, in succession, the Turner Gill buyout, the Charlie Weis buyout (around $7million, I believe) and the David Beaty fiasco (one Power Five win per $3 million or so that he's been paid).

It's clear to me that Neeli would have put an end to this madness within 24 hours of being named the KU Chancellor. Instead, KSU does the right thing by its students while KU recommits to paying over $1 million per year to the worst football coach in America, and insisting that the students ante up for the insanity. If not? We won't let you wait in line for days to create the best basketball environment in college basketball.

One question for our new Chancellor and our reigning Bully (I mean A.D.): how many blow-bys do our competitors have to perform before you actually perform your jobs?

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KU Provost Neeli Bendapudi named as president of the University of Louisville

This is the Brownback crap storm come to roost at KU. Fill the Regents with buffoons, hire Major Milktoast instead of a high-energy up-and-comer, and watch as our competitors blow right by. Massive mistake and massive loss by KU. With Major Milktoast, Zenger, Beaty and other things, it's getting harder and harder and harder to love my alma mater.

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Developers still pursuing south Lawrence shopping center; lawsuit over former plans still pending

So, to review. An out-of-state developer with exactly zero local ties to the community gets offended when their 1980's version strip mail doesn't obtain city commission approval. So, they sue us. Not the city, us. Remember, it's your money that will be used to defend against this idiotic idea.

As we all witness the daily contraction of the physical retail market, and the North Carolinians try to force the city to go into a time warp where strip malls and malls were actually a thing, let's remember to encourage our partially new city commission that twisting the arm of the community isn't the best way of going about business.

If the tar heel group wants to build outside of the city's current retail footprint, then by all means bring something to the table. The first requirement is a minimum of 3-story building with residential density added through apartments or condos above the soon-to-go-out-of-business retailers that will be living below.

In fact, why not include some low-income housing in the proposal to solve two problems with one answer? A parking garage that reduces run-off and minimizes heat reflection into the environment would be a good second step. A third step would be an apology to the city and a reimbursement for any time and expense occurred dealing with the law suit.

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An update on the plans for a Casey's store on Sixth Street; Lawrence drink business shut down by the state

Sy NO to adding a stoplight simply to add a convenience store to town. That's kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? We'll inconvenience thousands of drivers per day to allow for a convenience store at the location?

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Plans filed to build new neighborhood north of Rock Chalk Park in northwest Lawrence

The first question, to any city commissioner is this: in 30 years, how will services to a distant neighborhood be financed? If there isn't firm plan in place to have this development 100% self-sufficient in terms of infrastructure repair, maintenance, etc., then this is an easier no that when your kid asks if they could go to Mizzou.

Cities are going bankrupt by not thinking ahead to expenses that will be incurred generations down the line. The simple answer must always be: the neighborhood can financially sustain itself. Period. If not, why do it? If it will be a financial burden later, why say yes now?

The land next to Rock Chalk is only going up in value. Just like the land south of the bypass on 59. There is absolutely no reason to accept any development that doesn't sustain itself, that doesn't build density and that isn't forward-thinking in its design and implementation. Think long, think hard and think smart before spreading the city out without a concrete way to pay for it. Forever.

On the plus side, I commend the design of the neighborhood in that it doesn't contain an anti-pedestrian, anti-bike, anti-community Cul de Sac. Through-roads help keep a city vital.

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Faith-based adoption agencies in Kansas don't want to be bound by anti-discrimination laws and policies

List of whiniest people on the planet.....

2. Orange Flubber
3. All "Christian" based anythings
4. Missouri fans who want to schedule KU
5. WSU fans who want to schedule KU
6. All purple pussycats
7. Assault-Rifle owners
8. All members of Chambers' of Commerce
9. The 1%
10.The 1%'s Children
11.White Men

Yes....this one went to 11 because it's better than 10.

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Judge harshly criticizes Kobach during contempt hearing

Why is Kris so weird? I mean....the guy is a Strange Ranger. And he went to Harvard. Someone in admissions has some 'spainin to do.

If he loses the Governor's race, he should build an "Ag" building in east Lawrence and join the ELNA. Maybe Weinaug will split a duplex with him.

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City manager speaks about hurdles facing the idea of downtown conference center; developers say they're still committed to project

Hindsight being 20/20, this is what happens when you build production facilities on primary retail/dining arteries. This should have been taken care of years ago, when they built the new building on Mass.

Credit to the Simons family, though, for at least giving us something aesthetically pleasing to look at. Compare that building with the Allen Press middle finger that they fly at the community 24/7/365 and at least you can see a family that cared about its community. Hey Rand and Randy, why you mad bro?

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