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Sarah McLinn sentenced to 'Hard 50' for brutal 2014 murder of Harold Sasko

I've known people who have been abused as children and they've told me the horrible stories of drug abuse and exploitation. I've seen their physical and emotional scars. But, despite all their sufferings, they have big hearts, they're some of the most compassionate people I've ever met. I don't know the extent of McLinns abuse, but, for whatever reason, she is a person capable of not only murder, but an extremely vicious one. Her chances of living a normal, happy life are very, very slim, as are the chances of her reconciliation through good deeds. I can't imagine how her victim deserved such a cruel fate, despite the fact that, yes, he probably did take advantage of her. It's so sad, years of abuse culminating in a terrible act, and a person for which there might never be a happy ending. She needs therapy and lots of time. We need to be secure knowing that a person capable of vicious murder is away from us and receiving help. Taking all these things into account, I would say that 50 years is too long. I would suggest her being able to receive parole after 35 years, and lots of therapy.

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

Economic growth is not a clear indication of peoples' happiness. I see happy people in Lawrence, I see people more concerned about each other than about bringing in giant corporate "job creators". Screw that index, probably funded by companies that have huge clout in frivolous high-tech industries, trying to light the fire under cities they think are "underperforming".

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Beyond labels: Lawrence teens get thrifty when it comes to fashion

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Hemenway's compensation package to include $340,352 per year, plus sports tickets

Yeah, and what, they raised how much money the chancellor could get paid as well, right? Isn't she making over 400K a year? Plus that Actually, I just got fired from KU. Breaking their tardy policies, go fig.
That was in the KU Dining section. Kind of funny. Making all these cuts to their employees. One meal for a ten hour shift, instead of two, and this in a dining hall. More expensive health insurance, being shorthanded because it takes three to six months for them to hire someone, 2 percent raises. But, yet, new basketball courts, hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation...and that's just to the Chancellor. Ah well, at least their helping out the T.

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