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Opinion: Ferguson, Mo., is not an exception

I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Is your "seriously Mr Pitts?" a comment of disbelief. I have never found Mr. Pitts bitter in any way. The data speaks for itself and I too find it Kafkaesque, and the phrase broadened my view of the situation. Neverless, his statistics are not perceived but well documented and so, I remain, perplexed at your response.

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'I'm a Kansas Guy': Thousands greet Obama during KU visit

He is in his native country. This comment is sad on so many levels.

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Suspects identified in LHS football field vandalism that included racial epithet

Thank you for "getting it" yourself! I couldn't have said it better. I am in complete agreement. I too hope the parents of these students are horrified and ashamed although hate is too often spawned in the homes and therefore minimized by the parents. Hope this is NOT the case! I believe it is a hate crime and am watching closely to see if it will be dealt with in the manner of a hate crime. A message needs to be sent loud and clear that Lawrence will NOT tolerate this kind of bigotry or any other.

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Lawrence police officer shoots armed man during disturbance near Kasold and Harvard

How do you know the intent of officers? This is an unrealistic assumption. That's why they investigate.

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Boldridge carries Lions past Ravens

What a testimony to the power of prayer and the love and support of LHS!!! Congratulations LHS and Free State too!

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Rivals team up to support Lawrence High School player with cancer

What an amazing effort! Proud to be a part of a community with heart.

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Mosiman can't miss as Lawrence High boys top Free State in city basketball showdown

Awesome job by both teams! Don't know what was more amazing the love and support for Zay Boldridge or the incredible game! Thanks for both!

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Opinion: Time to halt the entitlement state

I never claimed there was no child support liability. I simply said they did it to avoid paying child support. And, we do not live in Michigan. You are right that any tax refund is taken to help reduce the child support debt. However, none of the people I know are paying any tax or receiving any refund. They are not employed!

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Opinion: Time to halt the entitlement state

All the ones I know used mental health reasons such as anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and I even know one who pretended he couldn't read so as to be considered low IQ. They got an attorney who specializes in disability as well. The attorney works for a cut of the initial payout which could be sizeable since it takes so long for the process to work. It is very sad. One of them makes more money per month than I do and I make an excellent salary in the MidWest for a woman. Then I still have to pay 35%+ in taxes so they can enjoy themselves while I work. It is disheartening and it is wrong.

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Opinion: Time to halt the entitlement state

I happen to know of several people who wanted to be disabled and were. Several of them were men trying to elude paying child support. You see, you don't have to pay any if you are disabled. Then there is one who just didn't want to work anymore and could find no other way to draw his retirement early. Now he sits home and does whatever he wants while I work 40 hours + per week. Then there are the numerous people who use drug addiction or alcoholism as a reason to draw disability. This leaves them free to indulge in their habits without the constraints of a job. It takes time to get disability but it isn't that difficult. Also, people who haven't worked cannot draw SSD, that is true....however, they can easily draw a check from SSI disability.

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