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Lawrence library director — who retired last week — lands job at university library in Olathe

I can see the architects/contractors benefitting financially but the employees? Hardly.

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Lawrence library director — who retired last week — lands job at university library in Olathe

Running a library is not an entry-level position. Wissmo sounds like he/she works for a school district but must not have much experience with either classrooms or administration, based on the attitudes expressed here. Really, you think that someone just out of grad. school is prepared to run a public institution with a sizable budget, many long-experienced staff members and a great obligation to provide the best possible service? Only the foolish and conceited new degree holder would even consider applying for that job, if it were possible.

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Kansas in autumn, 2011

The 'hipstamatic' (not real thrilled with the name) ones are certainly pretty but I like the unadorned ones best. They are real, natural, not tinkered-with. That's important to me.

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Library expansion project raises the question of whether the city of Lawrence would violate its debt policy

I don't understand why the City is so poor. There are plenty of expensive properties to tax in Lawrence. Yet, it seems that the City is too poor to fix sidewalks (let the homeowner do it!), too poor to fix streets, too poor to have a library adequate for its population. What gives?

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If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

The problem with this is that it assumes one would eat only at Lawrence restaurants. Sorry to say but there aren't many good restaurants in Lawrence.

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Pedestrian flown to hospital, in critical condition following accident near 23rd and Iowa streets

This is terribly sad and I hope this man will survive. The winter weather in Lawrence is dangerous and I regret that he was on foot at that busy intersection in those conditions. I pray he will survive and somehow recover.

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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

Congratulations LPL! Now you can have the space you've needed for so long.

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Destination library: Voters will be asked to approve expansion of building, services

Vote against the library referendum if you want Lawrence to continue to lag behind other cities in Kansas and the US. Who needs books? Who needs free computer access? Who needs children's materials? The people of Lawrence clearly do but there are so many constipated grumblers commenting here that an outsider would not know that.

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$18M expansion of library would add space, parking, other features

I lived in Lawrence a good long time and enjoyed using the public library. It's difficult for me to understand how this handful of vocal readers of the Journal-World could be so opposed to something that does great social good. There are many people in Lawrence who do appreciate the library and use it for information, reference help and pleasure reading or viewing. They may not comment on this site because they are busy learning and doing, rather than carping and whining. I suggest that everyone who has a negative impression of the library or no impression at all, visit it and ask the staff what they think. They are intelligent, well-trained capable people who will be happy to explain why libraries are essential to the continuation of a free, informed society. Speak to Bruce Flanders, he is personable and approachable and only hoping to help his hometown by urging improvements of the library. Instead of automatically opposing anything that costs money (and really, what doesn't cost something?) why not get the facts and support those services which help?

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Children from Century School listen to storytime as Linda Clay, library assistant, reads aloud. Clay

What a great photo of a great time! Cheers to the Lawrence Public Library and all the good they do for the community.

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