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City now strongly considering adding glass to proposed curbside recycling program

I have always recycled in Lawrence; I have used private recycling companies in the past and am currently running my own recycling. I am very excited to have a city-wide option because it's going to be much cheaper than private options and will end up providing a more consistent service. When I take into consideration the gas I use to drive to a recycling facility (which is across town now that the east Lawrence recycling center is closed to the public), and the time that it takes me to sort and run recycling, I think I will end up saving time and money with this city wide option. I understand the concern for private companies going out of business, but really it will eliminate some jobs and create others in their place. As someone who believes in recycling, I think that it may take some adjustment but ultimately there will be fewer resources ending up in our landfills and that should be our main concern.

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