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How far back can you trace your family tree?

My grandfather has traced us back 2 or 3 generations before the Mayflower...the family tree he gave me is pretty amazing to look at...

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Have you received a robo-call this election?

I have gotten 4 since Sunday...2 on Sunday, 1 Monday, and 1 today...all from Kevin Yoder...4 in 3 days is a bit much...especially 2 on Sunday...telemarketers can't call on sundays...why can robo-calls from political canditates can?

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KU women top visiting Creighton

3 sentences? 3 sentences? You would figure that our Nationaly Ranked Lady Jayhawks would get more than 3 sentences from "J-W Staff Reports" for a home game...

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Perkins calls meeting with KU football, basketball players; statement issued

I am sure there will be repercussions...Self and Mangino both have handled situations in the past as they see fit. I do not think that either coach will brush this under the rug...

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Mangino: As of now, no players will serve suspensions

I just hope "RHFHO" will not have a new meaning come saturday...

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Shoppers should scrutinize warranty offers

First of all...if a company goes out of business you are still protected by their insurance with the extended warranty/service plan. I work at Best Buy and our Performance Sevice Plan are all covered through a 3rd party so if Best Buy were to go bankrupt, then the consumer would still be covered.So you did just purchase a new TV. It stops working 18 months into you owning it. The manufacturer warranty is 1 year. Now what do you do. Are you going to fork over the money to have a 3rd party fix it? Do you have that money? Extended warranties/service plans help cover your product from issues that may arise that the manufacturer does not cover above & beyond including dropping, cracked screen, water damage, etc.This time of the year someone always has to do a story like this...

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The Greene Room Live: Day Three in San Antonio

nice prediction greene....where is some KU love....KU - 83UNC - 76

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Final Four Notebook: From Topeka to DC, anticipation grows

ummm...there is not a middle school in Topeka that uses the Jayhawk...

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The Greene Room Live: KU-Oklahoma State

42, 13, & 4?

points, assists, and rebounds?

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Renovation price tag is announced: $285.6 million

what is a "renotation"?

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