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Dog instructor lauds electric collars in teaching obedience

What a load of crap. So the trainer went from using aversive, Choke/Prong collars and moved on up to a shock collar. WHICH mind you doesn't cause any pain. Then why bother? You can get a dog/puppy to pain attention to you or focus on you without having any kind of collar on it's neck.

But regardless... people who move from choke/prongs and find it not successful, and then move to shock indicates to me that they are using it as another aversive tool. Why bother training with a shock colar if it doesn't cause any pain at all? what's the point? And then what happens if the dog doesn't obey to the cue? do you keep buzzing the puppy? Do you turn it up a notch on the collar? Do you think the puppy/dog is being dominate, disobedient, stubborn? Does the trainer stop to think that maybe it's them? That maybe they aren't giving clear instructions? Or maybe the dog is having bad day or not feeling well?

What kind of bond do you create with your dog when you point a remote at it and tell it do something? Dogs aren't a TV where you point a remote to it and say "entertain me", they are living creatures that can be taught anything simply by working together.

Remote collar training teaches a dog to not think, only listen to me or else.

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