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Congress sends Obama legislation to avoid 'fiscal cliff'

The whole point of the fiscal cliff is that both sides had to compromise and give up something dear to their hearts - tax increases for Republicans, spending cuts for Democrats. There were no spending cuts, just spending increases. Obama ran AND WON on promising to work with Republicans. That's already been tossed out the door and instead of giving on the spending cuts, as required in the bi-partisan fiscal cliff measure, the president and Democrats opted to increase spending. I hope you don't have kids, their grandkids will be paying for this administration. Business as usual in WDC.

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Editorial: Cliff crisis

It is nice that B.O. cut his vacation short, but what was he doing going on vacation in the first place with the fiscal cliff looming? I'm also curious why the only solution we're hearing about are tax increases. The fiscal cliff included automatic tax increases to get the Republicans to the table and it had automatic spending cuts to bring the Democrats to the bargaining table. I've heard a lot about tax increases for those making $250,000, $400,000, or $1,000,000, however the only spending "cut" I've heard about is changing the COLA for seniors Social Security, so they get even less to live on each year. No cut, just less increases in spending down the road. Seniors have already paid $500 billion in Medicare cuts to fund the "free" Obamacare, it seems like someone else should pay this time.

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Letter: Premise questioned

Romney knows where the economy is and where Benghazi are, two steps ahead of Obama.

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Kansas regulation board, doctor battle over abortion case costs

The bond thing sounded odd to me until they mentioned that all of their costs are covered by fees charged to those using their services. It makes sense they want a guarantee that their services will be covered if she loses again. I worked with construction bonds for years and you can get those fairly cheaply - this is unusual, but if she isn't a flight risk and appears to have the funds to cover the cost if she loses, I would think she could get a bond for at worst, 10% of the cost. Having worked in the abortion industry from 1997 to 2006, I find it hard to believe Neuhaus doesn't have quite a bit of money stashed around. Sounds like her lawyer claiming hardship is pulling our leg and trying to garner some sympathy.

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Organizer moves Christian workshop from Kansas House

Publicly owned, unused space was offered to any who wanted to use it. This group took advantage, up until the time they outgrew the venue. I find the outrage expressed and cries of separation of church and state by so many to be laughable - using a building for two different events (government and a seminar in this case) held at different times doesn't mean the two events are comingled.

As for Blind, you act like some decision was made to kick them out of the building. That wasn't the case. The event became too popular and they opted to move the event.

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Heard on the Hill: KU Chick-Fil-A debate reaches Congress; local IIYM piano winner continues to excel; math prof takes on new administrative role

Things must have changed since I went to KU if there is an educated/cultured mass on Wescoe Beach.

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Primary races appear to oust 10 Kansas House members, including Gregory

She spent $200K. The Koch's only gave $600K to the Chamber of Commerce and I'm sure that a third of that didn't go to her opponent. She obviously got some big money in, probably from a Soros PAC. You don't see her big money as a problem, but the Chamber supporting people who support business, the Chamber's whole point of being, is a problem. Seems like most of the people here only have a problem with money being spent for candidates they don't support. I would prefer both candidates pool their money, have town hall meetings where they discuss the issues and their stands on the issues, and let the people decide. Unfortunately, most people do little more that look at party affiliations and money talks.

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GOP seeks to make state model for nation

Yeah Page, we can't handle having anyone that disparages our policies. It's not like we're in a democracy or something, or have the right to free speech. The world isn't safe until everyone thinks like us, talks like us and looks like us. We know what's best for everyone and are more than glad to make you toe the line. So just shut your mouth and believe like us or we'll talk to the thought police about you.

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Koch Industries, Kansas Chamber of Commerce trying to knock off moderate Republicans

Just watch Soros if you want to know when unelected, unethical billionaires buy elections.

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Tough ID laws may deter many voters

Actually, all it shows is that there is fraud going on. It doesn't show how much isn't caught. For instance, Move On mentions 180,000 voters in Florida that are being purged. These 180,000 voters are people who got driver's licenses as non-citizens and when the DMV compared their list of non-citizens driver's licenses to the voter registration, they found 180,000 non-citizens who were registered to vote. Sounds like massive fraud to me and "the system" had allowed them to vote for years.

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