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City to consider North Lawrence boardwalk development plans

Please Please Please please make a Free State owned satellite German style Beer Garden, that serves snacks and nice outdoor seating by the river. I want it to exist.

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Brownback pushes for tax cuts during panel discussion in New York

Cmon Kansas we can beat Texas in the race to destroy our children's futures!

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KDOT commits $192 million to complete South Lawrence Trafficway

Taxpayers should be really pissed right now, the road makes less sense now than ever and won't help much of anything. What a waste of money we could use in much better ways, like not making the next population of kansas kids some of the dumbest in the nation.

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Gov.-elect Sam Brownback looking at tax overhaul

...a breath of fresh coal exhaust for Kansas

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What makes Lawrence one of the 10 most livable bargain cities in America?

If you think lawrence has has bad parking I think you may be a bit out of touch. Heaven has worse parking than lawrence. You can always find a spot downtown for free without any effort. Agree with you about the sports ticket pricing though, getting absurd.

If you want to live cheaply hear it's really easy. There's free activities everyday of the week.
If you want to buy a lot of stupid things you don't need, you can do that here too.

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Trafficway opponents seek KU roadblock

This road is the biggest waste of tax payer money right now.
Lawrence should spend 144 million on something that will benefit its own citizens, not just people trying to drive through it. This doomed road just bleeds money at every step, let's drop it, and do something important today, not something dreamed of decades ago.

November 3, 2009 at 4:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Are you ready for the SLT to be built?

This road is a big waste of money. I do not want to pay millions in taxes in a worthless road with 20 years of bad planning behind it. No one in Lawrence will use this road and we will all have to pay for it. Not worth it at all, so many better uses for our tax payer money. And it will easily hurt the 23rd st. economy. Definitely not something we need at the moment. Trash this project for good.

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Rethinking downtown: Commissioner’s ideas for Mass. Street go well beyond business as usual

More info about the farmer's market in San Rafael I think we should model ours on:

People's response :

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Rethinking downtown: Commissioner’s ideas for Mass. Street go well beyond business as usual

I think we should give these ideas a trial run before presuming we know whether they are bad or good for the character of downtown. I think we should model our farmers market after the farmer's market I see at San Rafael, CA. Every other thursday night they block off a lot of the main street downtown and fill it up with vendors selling produce and food stalls. The businesses on the street sell things outdoors like at our sidewalk sale. It really brings out a lot of people and makes going downtown an event. Right now downtown is an event only during the yearly sidewalk sale and when jayhawks win a championship. A more regular event would do downtown good.

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