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Jobs outlook brighter for graduates

WOW! You have an engineering degree and still think like this!? I hope your house is completely bare because an artist would have designed all of the home decor and appliances you own. I hope your not sitting in an office chair at work right now, cause an artist would have designed that too. People having this frame of mind is exactly why artist can't find work and have to seek other forms of employment to sustain life while they make art on the side.

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Jobs outlook brighter for graduates

thank you tomatogrower!!

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Jobs outlook brighter for graduates

Do you really think every grad is able to get the actual job they want the day they graduate!? No, but instead of asking my parents or the government for money I'm finding a way to live until I can be doing what I want. AND because of my degree I was put at the top of the ladder at Dillards rather than starting out as a general sales associate.

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Jobs outlook brighter for graduates

Reading all these mean comments is what every grad wants to read!! I guess that fact that I'm the only one in my family to get a degree (without the help of my mother or father) and that I was following my heart doesn't matter at all. I don't understand why an art degree is blown off as easy. I have a lot of friends that are business, biology, all different things and I know for a fact I've worked harder than they have and that I am I'm more creative and determined. The hours and hours of late nights spent in the art building trying to come up with creative and new solutions for everyday problems, i know that wasn't going on in all other departments. If I could become an amazing self sustaining artist as soon as I graduated I would! I have been searching for jobs and took the best opportunity that was available. I could have moved back home and lived off my parents or get on government funded programs, like foodstamps etc, like soooo many graduates I know. How can anyone have such rude things to say to a grad trying their hardest to make it in the real world as best they can!?!? This is Kansas, the only state to cut art funding, that doesn't make it much easier to find a job in your degree in this area.

-Ashley Bowser

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Former KU student Cem Basoflas pleads guilty in animal cruelty case, may face deportation

This story has been disturbing me for awhile. I work at a local pet store where I have seen him purchase animals. I really can't believe that I have talked to this guy several times and even asked him about his pets!!

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