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KU Audio-Reader accepting donations for annual music sale fundraiser

This sale has turned into an outstanding event. The Friday night Preview Night is always exciting and there's free food! If you love music or even just people watching, this is a must-do. And it supports a great cause - one of Lawrence's true gems - Audio-Reader. Win! Win!

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Ribbon cut on new U.S. Highway 59; road expected to be open to traffic in early October

I live off 59 and two neighbors have been killed on that road in the past 10 years. Any improvement is welcome and long overdue.

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Audio Reader Fundraiser -- 09/22/07 at Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds

I have attended the Audio-Reader "For Your Ears Only" sale for nearly every one of the 10 years they have held it. It has ALWAYS been the second week-end in September. The conflict with Winfield is a shame but over the years the Audio-Reader folks have been criticized for conflicting with the Jewish Holidays, KU, Free State and LHS football games, opening night at the community theater, opening night at the Lied Center, the fundraiser for the Humane Society and the Plaza Art Fair.
Can't please everyone unfortunately.

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'Adopt a Grandparent' a tradition for duo

Good for Judith and Barb. I have known them for years and never knew they did this. Bless you, Secret Ms. Santas!

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Audio-Reader celebrates 40 years of helping visually impaired

Kansas Audio-Reader Network is a credit to Lawrence, the University of Kansas, and the state of Kansas. It is one of the premiere radio reading services in the world and we should all be very proud of their 40 years of excellence and success. Congratulations, Audio-Reader. Keep doing what you do so well. Thousands of people count on you every day.

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Getting their acts together: Fundraiser kicks off Busker Fest

I wish the event well, but I am just interested in why this event is getting SO MUCH publicity in the paper and especially the on-line edition? EMU Theater had a festival of 10 minute plays the past two week-ends and LCT presented a special Civil War play written by a local author last week-end to commemorate the anniversary. Where was the constant promotion for either of those? Nothing against BBBS or the Busker Festival, but who do you have to know at the LJW to get some . . . er. . . ANY attention? As the newspaper of the City of the Arts . . . .

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Heard on the Hill: New KU vice chancellor Tim Caboni talks to community members; KU alum becomes voice of San Jose State football at age 23; new KU billboard honors astronaut professor

My, what an unfriendly welcome for a man who has just moved here and wants to make Lawrence his home. I have met Tim and will be working with him in the future and he is a great person for the job. How about giving him a chance?

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New Zealand earthquake's effects felt in Lawrence

My niece, an American who lives in New Zealand, said that American and Australian aid workers arrived within hours of the news of the earthquake. She says "Thanks."

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Dysfunctional 'Opus'

Unfortunate headline, folks. Makes it sound like a bad review as opposed to a feature piece about the show.
Okay, all of you theater lovers who say that the community theater only does standard shows
and never takes chances. Here is your opportunity to see a great piece of edgy theater with very talented actors. Will you come? I hope so.

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Heard on the Hill: Computers stolen from Audio-Reader; Kansas Public Radio hires new classical music director; reader 'references' inattention to KU debate successes

I wonder why people, who have no knowledge about the details of an event, decide to comment, and always in the negative. The computers were in their boxes, in a storage area, waiting to be installed. It's not like they were already in place being used or out in the open. Give them a break. They work to serve the blind. And kudos to KU for supporting such a program for 40 years.

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