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Former downtown Lawrence piano bar converted into pool hall, tavern

Excuse me for being an old fuddy duddy, but pool halls are a great breeding ground for bar fights. Considering the history of this particular location, I'm surprised they are risking their license by inviting that activity. I hope it goes well for them. I'd like to see it succeed. But I also hope they have good security.

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Indian tribe that once proposed North Lawrence casino purchases large tract along interstate

I think it's interesting that not one person who blogged here today mentioned the fact that the Delaware Tribe is moving their headquarters here. That means, according to the article; a child care facility, a medical facility, perhaps some housing, which means contstruction jobs initially and then jobs for child care professionals, medical techinicians, etc.

The fact that these folks have chosen Lawrence as their "new" home should have all of us jumping for joy. It's a big deal. It's a huge shot in the arm for economic development.

And then, I think anyone who decided that because an Indian tribe is locating in North Lawrence, a casino is sure to follow should feel disgrace. That is prejudice, racist and in my opinion, disgusting.

These folks owned the land before any of us could say Lawrence was our home. How dare any of us cast dispersions. They didn't use the word casino or gaming once. But all of you have.

I say welcome back to Kansas Delaware Tribe. I for one will open my arms to you.

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City commissioners now will consider 700 block of Vermont as home for downtown transit hub

What about the lot east of the former Riverfront Mall? City vehicles park there now and it seems very few clinic employees/patients park there.

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Longtime owner of East Lawrence's Sunrise Garden Center places business and property up for sale

This seems like a good business for a young couple to get into. Chad, did you find out what the price is?

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Editorial: Development shift?

South Iowa is for major retailers, not West 6th. Just look at the fact that Menard's is willing to take a secondary location just so they can be near South Iowa. They could have been front and center on West 6th, but chose a "b" location near South Iowa. The next major retailer will be on South Iowa, south of the trafficway, mark my words.

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As planners debate Menards project, new study finds retail vacancy rate at 7.2 percent citywide

The national retail vacancy rate is over 11%. Who decided 8% would be the watermark? And the policy about assuming a project will be vacant after it is built is embarrassingly idiotic.

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Menards files plans for Lawrence store next to Home Depot near 31st and Iowa streets

THAT'S THE SITE WHERE THEY SHOULD GO. It's already planned for commercial development.

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Town Talk: City to have public meeting on proposed sports complex; speculation that Fritzel will get to build $25M rec center without going through city bid process; ugly sweaters coming to downtown

Thomas is getting the bid because it was ordained by John Stewart who is giving big, big money to the KUEA for this very purpose. John is Thomas's father in law. It is a done deal. Live with it.

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Town Talk: Another store adds to antique hub in N. Lawrence; group still pondering riverfront redevelopment; abandoned trailer park may become single-family neighborhood

Because the planning commission rejected it, doesn't that mean that the city commission has to vote in the super majority; (4-1)?

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Town Talk: Looking back and ahead on the South Lawrence Trafficway; SLT public meeting set for Oct. 19; city creates interactive map of cemeteries

It would be a sad day indeed if there is a group who would try to take the state funds intended for the trafficway. We voted on this in the '80's!!! It would give new meaning to the term "highway robbery."

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