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Park weeds

Here is an interesting article I found about Buffalo Grass:

Here are a few things that caught my eye:

...It turns brown with fall's first freezing weather. It greens up with the return of warm weather in the spring. can be brown and unattractive when Kentucky bluegrass and other cool-season lawn grasses look best.
...Because of rather aggressive runners, buffalo grass can require edging along walks, driveways, and shrub and flower beds.
...Those who are accustomed to a Kentucky bluegrass turf may object to walking (particularly barefoot), playing and sitting on buffalo grass turf.
...Without supplemental watering of buffalo grass, it often takes from 5 to 10 years to get a good ground cover.
...In late spring, mowing may need to be done every two weeks. Later in the season mowing every 3 to 4 weeks probably will be adequate.
...Broadleaf weeds, such as bindweed and dandelions, can be quite objectionable in low growing buffalo grass.


Merrill, I understand where you are coming from but I do not think that this would be a cheap, attractive answer for our problems today. Buffalo grass is not a good answer.

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Lunch turns into $150 meal

Just to let every one know that if you see your car getting towed you do not have to pay one cent as long as your tires are still on the ground.

So even if they have the wrecker hooked up to your car but they have not lifted it yet you can tell them to stop and unhook it and not be charged.

The bad part is that as soon as one of your tires leaves the ground it is up to the tow truck driver to charge a discounted rate to unhook your car.

Sometimes, I mean most of the time I have seen drivers say tough luck and leave with the car even after being confronted by the owner of the car. Forcing the owner to go to the impound lot and pay the full fee.

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Dancers put 17,000 miles on their shoes

this is a good story, I don't know if 17,000 miles is right though.

Even if they dance 10 miles each time they go out and dance that still means that they have to go dancing 1700 times.

they would have to dance 10 miles 4.65 times a day for a year to to reach 17000 miles and it hasn't even been a year!

If that was the total for the both of them together that would be a little more reasonable.

You could figure each one of them dancing 10 miles 2.3 times a day for a year would put their total around 17000 miles.

Either way them dancing 46.5 miles a day or 23 miles is pretty cool.

I hope I will be that active when I get older!

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Armed robber holds up store

correction, "...the loss of money."


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Armed robber holds up store

They do have bp glass. It's curved and slides on a track. It is open during the day but you would think that they would have closed it once the sun went down.

Rather, one would assume that it would be store policy to close the bp glass after a certain time like dusk in order to insure employee safety and to loss of money.

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N. Lawrence looking to benefit from publicity for CBS drama

the last "little house on the prarrie" movie was shot at 95th and metcalf in Overland Park. They built the house in a small feild by the old sprint building and then used computer graphics to place them in the middle of the prarrie. I would watch them shoot the movie when I would get my hair cut as a kid across the street.

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N. Lawrence looking to benefit from publicity for CBS drama

In the last year Kansas has been the butt of several jokes in both "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" regarding our stances on evolution.

I think kansas will always be looked at by the east and west coasts in a different way.

Every trip I have taken I have been asked "Do you live on a farm" or "How's Toto". It's just the way it is.

Also, another thing that bugs me from the tv trailer for "Jericho" is that it shows people in Kansas being able to view the mountains of Colorado! That is impossible!

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School board intends to raise property taxes

Most teachers work year round, having to take classes for re-certification, and new circulums during the summer. Not to mention that teachers have to pay for those class out of their own pocket.

Most teachers have their paychecks stretched out to include the summer months so they can recieve some sort of income. So that 29k is for the whole year and then they have to pay to take classes so that your children will be getting a better quality of education.

Why not spend funding on classes that teachers need to take.

Being a good teacher (one who is dedicated to their profession and students) is a long and tiring job. Their jobs never get left at work.

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