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Are there any advancements you’d like to see the country make in the next century?

I'm going to play devil's advocate and say there are some ways that Karen could be right......particularly where the saying "your freedom ends where my nose begins" is applicable. Abortion, sex discrimination lawsuits, and publicly funded birth control are a few examples where the "rights" of women have come at the cost of others' liberties.

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Obama Disrespected Voters in 3rd Debate

Actually Romney supporters don't love him as much as Obama supporters love Obama, so we probably wouldn't. In the future, you would be safe to assume that whatever you believe about Romney supporters is wrong since we are nothing like Obama supporters. We don't pledge undying fealty. We don't think Romney is the Messiah or Santa Claus or The Great Uniter/Healer/Whateverer

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Town Talk: Kansas poll shows Romney with big lead, majority still supports Brownback; Democrats retain big edge in numbers in Douglas County; Lawrence artist sells work to Smithsonian

It's hilarious how incompetent liberals are at understanding opposing viewpoints.

Btw, conservatives and libertarians don't have that problem. We understand you perfectly. In fact, our understanding is so nuanced that we even know that you're not all bad. Many of your politicians are greedy and immoral, but most of the voters have good intentions combined with poor critical thinking skills.

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Opinion: Time to halt the entitlement state

If private insurance companies have to deal with fraud, common sense should dictate that Medicare fraud exists too. However, Medicare fraud is much easier to commit than with private insurance.
"[Medical equipment] fraud is incredibly easy to commit," he said. "The primary skill required to do it successfully is knowledge of basic data entry on a computer."

My brother investigates private insurance fraud in New Orleans. It happens, of course, but it is harder to pull off than with Medicare. You have to incorporate the lie into your entire life because someone will often be filming you or checking your Facebook profile. With Medicare, the investigations are much less efficient so they are fewer and farther between. You can steal a lot of money over a longer period of time until someone catches on.

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Sound Off: I live on a private road (owned by a HOA). We have a problem with through traffic speedin

This is truly a dumb question. Why would you even pay to live in a community with a private road that didn't have a gate or some other way of controlling traffic?

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Editorial: Decision time

I would have said "heartily dislike" but I prefer brevity.

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Letter: Women’s issue

Most likely, nothing will change in women's issues regardless of who is president. Newsflash: women's issues are a handy way of politicians getting votes. They don't actually matter to any politician. I guarantee you that Hillary Clinton wasn't thinking about reproductive rights after the Benghazi incident. Foreign policy matters. The economy matters. Birth control doesn't matter.

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Letter: Women’s issue


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