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Illinois woman receives one year of probation in case where children were bound and blindfolded in parking lot

The grid does NOT have to be followed and isn't followed by many judges in this state. Paula Martin seems to not be able to "think outside the grid" with any case. Another pathetic excuse...

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

Calling for Kyle to resign is crazy. He is an employee of an organization and did what he was told. Don't blame him, blame the people who made this decision. Be mad, stop supporting Ballard...fine but don't call for the resignation of someone who was just doing what they were told. I have never met Kyle, but I have been in his position. Being told to do something from "management" that you hated to do but it was part of my job and I needed the paycheck.

I personally blame the new funding format of United Way. They made major cuts to Ballard and now they have to make really horrible decisions. I used to support UW but after the changes this was the first year I didn't donate. Looking at the numbers for the year it looks like many people made that same decision. Ballard does important work with our most vulnerable...our children. I am very conflicted because while I disagree with how this was handled, I don't think those kids should suffer because of really bad choices made by a few people.

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Public asked to report ‘docile’ raccoons to city

OK...why would I lie about this? I even have my name attached to my comment...uglyrumor.

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Public asked to report ‘docile’ raccoons to city

We called one in last night that was just sitting in the middle of the road for almost 30 minutes. It didn't even flinch when cars would drive by it. 2 police officers came about 20 minutes later. By that point it had wandered to the neighbors yard. They got it away from the house and then shot it. Bang. Then they left it there. I guess someone picked it up later. It around midnight when it happened so I bet the gunshot was a little scary for the neighborhood! It was pretty creepy the way it was just sitting there. Almost like it was hoping a car would run it over so it would stop feeling so bad.

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Report: Man approaches girl on Schwegler playground

It would have been nice if Boys and Girls Club and Schwegler had informed parents that this had happened. My child was there and I had to find out from a newspaper article. The entire school should be on alert. There has been way too much time passed for information to be given to parents. This is not acceptable.

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