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He's still tan after all these years

when I was at KU in the late 60's and early 70's, you couldn't go to a party without seeing Tan Man--my favorite 70's TM memory was sitting in a theater in KC watching "Linda Lovelace For President" (which was filmed at least partly in Lawrence of course), and who appears on the screen but Tan Man himself--the whole audience yelled Tan Man all at once--best wishes to you John--

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Students launch petition for fireworks change

Kudos to this fine young man. I wish him well in his efforts. I have fond memories of the early 80's when I lived in Lawrence. A group of us would gather at the Animal's house every 4th of July and enjoy some good old time fireworks along with some great eats prepared by the Wetmore gal. We would practically have bombs going off and of course we always got a visit from some of Lawrence's finest before the evening was over. Let the tradition live on.

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