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“Little Free Library” encourages reading, community spirit

This is cute and everything, but lets not call it a's a book shelf.

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Roberts votes against farm bill, Moran votes for it

Roberts isn't running for re-election...maybe he will stop pandering.

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Weekday graduations get mixed reviews from parents and families

Lots of schools hold graduations and promotions on weekdays. I'm not that far removed from high community continues to hold graduation on a Thursday evening. Don't give yourself too much credit...graduates just want to go to the service and then open their envelopes of cash...seriously.

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State education board may seek attorney general's opinion on 'innovative districts' law

The point is to move away from our current public education model. They want to break teachers unions, fire teachers at will, have a differentiated pay scale based upon what they believe a teacher is "entitled" to receive....this is a dismantling of Kansas Public Education. The republicans want it that way...they want to apply a business model to doesn't work.

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Democrats say tax cuts are tax shifts

Looks like a red herring to me, IKU57 ...... bwahahahahahaha!

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Income tax cuts approved in House

"Your red herring moral bullying does not help either." Just what exactly are you doing? Pot meet kettle. Wait, wait. So schools are supposed to teach children how to parent, too? I thought that happened in the know, by parents? I guess we can just add another curriculum standard; now, which class should this be taught in? Hmmmm.

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Income tax cuts approved in House

Teachers are on contract for an average of 185 days per school year. Compare that to many nurses who work 3 days a week. hmmm, 3 x 52 = 156....take your 9 months only excuse and go elsewhere. You want to do something about schools? Hold parents accountable for absentee children, children who show up hungry and with little sleep, children who don't do their work, children who disrupt class, etc. The problem with public schools is not teachers....the problem is a break down in families and those who expect teachers to teach regardless of what walks into their classroom each day. Obesity is the biggest epidemic in our society...why aren't American doctors failures for not getting their patients to lose weight?

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Lawrence school district audit shows large cash reserves

This has nothing to do with unions, you should look at the laws that bind IDEA...the feds also tie a schools hands when it comes to this act (IDEA) and schools & families.

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Lawrence school district audit shows large cash reserves

Then please take your special needs child out of school and educate them at home. The IDEA act, while great in theory has its own set of laws that are breaking the bank for Kansas schools...I'm sorry, but the amount of money schools spend to educate one special needs child is exorbitant.

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Lawrence school district audit shows large cash reserves

Maybe you should take reading comprehension highschoolmath...employing 1700 is a number that includes all employees from custodians, cooks and bus drivers to teachers and administrators...

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