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KU journalism professor condemned by administrators for tweet about NRA

I think that his remarks have been taken completely out of context. I think that he is saying that wait until it is the sons & daughters of NRA members who are victims of gun violence and then maybe there will be a different opinion on gun laws.

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Donor pays $130,000 to keep Jayhawk collection with the Kansas Union

This is wonderful news. I still don't understand why the University couldn't come up with the money to keep it there but regardless many thanks to the Ascher's. And, many thanks to Bud Jennings for sharing his collection. If you didn't ever get a chance to see it, be sure to do so when it is on display again. It is a wonderful collection.

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Brownback's office redacts names of Court of Appeals candidates from his schedule

Either that schedule has been wiped clean or he really doesn't do anything. Probably both!

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Gov. Brownback nominates top lawyer for Kansas appeals court

63BC, you'd be guessing wrong...this guy is scary. This was no surprise either. This was the one that everyone thought he'd pick. He's been trying to find a top legal spot for him since he came into office. Just do some research and you'll find out that we need to be concerned about this. But, isn't that par for the course with this whole administration?

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Former KU CLAS dean Wilcox chosen to lead University of California Riverside

Ditto on kef104 & Boston_Corbett's posts. I also think he should have been named Chancellor at KU - still do, but I am glad that Kim finally has his well-deserved position that he has worked hard to attain. Best wishes to Kim & Diane!

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Kobach testifies against immigration bill before U.S. Senate committee

And so the embarrassment of our Kansas public officials continues...

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Regal chain buys Lawrence's Hollywood Theaters; speculation begins on whether upgrade is in the future

That theater really needs an upgrade. The seats are uncomfortable and so close together. By the time the movie is over, your legs have gone to sleep and you have to stay through all of the credits at the end in order for the circulation to come back so you can stand up and walk out of there.

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Kansas Senate advances sweeping anti-abortion measure

Mary Pilcher-Cook (R-Shawnee) was quoted, with regard to human life beginning when a sperm fertilizes an egg, that "a human life exists, and the state has an interest in each human life." Really? It doesn't seem like there is much interest in helping human lives whose lives are less fortunate than the wealthy.

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Measure banning "wrongful birth" claims approved by Kansas Senate

The state needs to just stay the hell out of this. As CardHawkFan said there are in utero procedures that could be performed to correct a medical problem, if known.

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