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I love Wagmore; I can't say enough good things about them. I came in with a very stubborn, high energy puppy that would grow to be 100 pounds. Their positive training methods - no choke or prong collars and lots of positive reinforcement - were what I was looking for and the results have been tremendous. Jerri & Jeannene are intelligent, kind, patient, have great energy and rapport with the dogs, and are board certified positive trainers who continue to keep up-to-date on the latest training techniques. I also use Wagmore for daycare, dog walks, and boarding. I'm always confident that my dog will be safe, kept stimulated and busy, and treated with the utmost kindness. I have no doubt that my dog is cared for as if she was one of their own - when my dog is in their hands I don't have to worry. Ultimately, Wagmore's expertise has strengthened the bond between me & Beckett and given me the tools for a lifelong positive relationship with my four-legged kid. Thank you Wagmore!!

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Dog instructor lauds electric collars in teaching obedience

Before I would subject my dog to such aversive measures I would really like to know the trainer's credentials and professionally/educationally/scientifically backed rationales for this type of controversial behavior modification. Mr. Lyon's website gives no information as to his education, certifications, membership in any professional organizations, or any legitimately recognized dog training credentials or continuing ed. He simply advertises that "I’ve owned and trained dogs for several years, and made the decision in 2009 to follow this passion full time." This makes me very skeptical and I wonder how the majority of educated and professionally certified canine education professionals would view his methods. I would also like to see his human clients try some positive training methods with their dogs and realize that they can achieve the same, if not better results.

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Libraries are limited, obsolete

First, a big shout out to all the library lovers out there. Second, a colleague pointed out to me that professor Hirschey was the 2005 recepient of the Anderson Chandler Professorship in Business - the same Anderson Chandler who is a generous donor to public libraries.

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