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Plan to raze McCollum Hall in the works

(sniff) That dump was my first home in Lawrence. I need to make sure I go see my old room before the wrecking ball does.

Note, I don't disagree with the notion that McCollum isn't worth saving. Just sentimental about my old college days.

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City offering compost for sale on two upcoming Saturdays

This article is somewhat confusing on the dates. So the first date (for self-loaders) is _this_ Saturday the 15th (i.e. tomorrow)? If so, that's terribly short notice. I'm thinking it's more likely it would be the 22nd (which would mean the sales are on consecutive Saturdays), but the article never states that. It just says "Saturday" (implying this Saturday).

LJW can you edit the article please to clarify?

That said, the changes are welcome! It was always sort of ridiculous to hold a two day sale when they almost always ran out on the first day (a weekday when most residents would be at work or school). By doing two Saturdays rather than Fri-Sat a whole lot more residents will be able to take advantage. Kudos for making the change--just let us know when we can go down there!

Edit: City release (put out this past Tuesday) says the sale really is tomorrow Sept. 15th for self-loaders. LJW, it would have been helpful had you published this article before today.

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Suspect in several crimes arrested after foot chase near Kasold Drive and Clinton Parkway

Wonder if this is one of the home invasion burglars who has been so prolific lately. Hope so. In any case, great job LPD.

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How has Pinterest inspired you?

Heh a lady at work was going on and on about how cool the site was and sent everyone an invite. After five minutes of browsing, I had a feeling it was a site meant for women. This was confirmed when I found the "Sports" category and it was pretty much just shirtless photos of Tim Tebow.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but certainly didn't thrill me. Later on I read an article about it that said something that struck me as probably very true--that Pintrest is "porn for women". It's nothing but pictures of things women like to look at.

And before anyone attacks me as sexist--I'm sure there are plenty of women that don't like the site, and plenty of men that do. But in general I think even Pintrest would say that the vast majority of their user base is made up of women.

I also heard their growth has slowed way down in the last few months. They'd better hurry up and get bought out by facebook or google before they become an afterthought (remember Digg?).

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Knology sold to Denver area company for more than $750 million

Thanks for the response. I actually already own a Channel Master 8-bay UHF monster up on my roof, and that with the addition of a pre-amp gets me all the KC stations (agree that we're lucky they are all UHF now--I get KMBC a lot better now than I used to). I use a DVR so a rotor isn't really practical since I'm not aware of any solution that would automatically rotate the antenna prior to recording a Topeka station (but that would be a cool idea!). It's OK I don't actually miss the Topeka stations much other than KTWU--but I can often pull that one in off the back side anyway.

You've posted a lot of great info that could help others in the same boat though, so kudos! But I am a regular and loyal Costco member, and have never seen any antenna for sale in the warehouse--are they with the TVs or were you talking about their online store?


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Knology sold to Denver area company for more than $750 million

most non-useful response ever--thanks!

And to clarify, I don't have a problem. As I stated in my post, I invested in a ChannelMaster UHF antenna and pre-amp already.

I was more wanting clarification in case this guy's post encouraged someone living in Lawrence to buy an indoor antenna thinking that it would work for anything other than an expensive paperweight.

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Knology sold to Denver area company for more than $750 million

Do you own the Leaf and live in Lawrence? If so, I would be very interested to know what channels you can pick up reliably with it. I needed a rooftop antenna + preamp to get the KC stations or an attic antenna to get most of the Topeka stations. An indoor antenna wasn't picking up anything.

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Ron Paul to speak at Lied Center on Friday, according to Facebook event

If indeed this is true I bet it will be _very_ well attended. Ron Paul has a fervent, if somewhat under-the-radar following. You can bet not only will there be a large KU student crowd, but also people will drive from KC, Topeka and beyond for this.

I think just about everyone can agree with something that Ron Paul believes. I know there is plenty with which I disagree with him on, but what I can't help but admire about him is his authenticity. In this day and age where you can't believe a single word that comes out of any politician's mouth, it is refreshing to see a guy up there who is clear on his positions and isn't afraid to stand behind them. I think that is a huge factor on why he has as much appeal amongst youth as he does (of course his stance on drug policy is probably another reason).

He has absolutely no chance of being nominated, much less winning the presidency--even he knows that. But what he's doing by staying in the race is getting libertarianism out in the public sphere and trying to get people accustomed to it. I think his hope is that eventually enough people are going to be so fed up with our democrat/republican BS that they might seriously consider a third party like the libertarians.

If nothing else, he alone made those eleventy billion republican debates interesting--because when he speaks it provides such a vivid contrast with all the phonies in suits spouting party talking points all night.

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Town Talk: Some optimism about Lowe's future in Lawrence; local youth to appear on Jones Soda Co. labels; skate park improvements planned: UPDATE: What's up with 105.9 and no KU games on the radio?

You're the best, Chad. Glad to hear tonight's game will be broadcast in its "proper" place and time. Rock chalk!

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Town Talk: Some optimism about Lowe's future in Lawrence; local youth to appear on Jones Soda Co. labels; skate park improvements planned: UPDATE: What's up with 105.9 and no KU games on the radio?

Yup, same question here. Chad, inquiring minds want to know!

And before anyone else chimes in, I know there are other terrestrial/internet radio stations to listen to the game audio, but 105.9 FM always has the best quality signal for me.

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