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Local teen helps lead push for bill lessening restrictions on organ donation; law to go into effect this July

That's hilarious.

When you're dead you'll no longer care what happens to your organs. If my cells can benefit anyone still living in any way (yes, even in their gonads) then I'm overjoyed. What could be a more virtuous final act on this earth than bettering the life of someone who still has to live here? Better than selfishly hoarding your tissues so they can rot in the ground.

But to each his own.

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Allegations of wrongdoing between Lawrence City Commission candidates continue

Hyperbole much? And knock it off with the profanity (misspelled profanity at that).

You're entitled to your opinion, but keep in mind it's just that--an opinion. And you know what they say about opinions.

Gotta love your last paragraph where you seem to be addressing our current POTUS, not a Lawrence City Commissioner. But by all means, If Mr. Herbert has had multiple incidences where he has failed to recuse himself and multiple occasions where he's picked fights with "kids", please share with us so we can be better-informed voters. Or do you just have an axe to grind because he doesn't vote the way you'd like him to? If the latter, feel free to cast your vote for someone else--no need to apologize.

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Allegations of wrongdoing between Lawrence City Commission candidates continue

IMHO Herbert is one of the better commissioners we've had in recent memory. While I agree he should have known better than even to consider submitting a bid for the painting given his position, at least he did quickly and ultimately did the right thing. When you look at the craven money-grabbing going on with our current federal administration, Herbert's almost-lapse-of-judgement here looks like exactly what it is--a nothingburger.

Meanwhile, this Lyche twerp has near-zero credibility (and falling). Most 19-year-olds have neither the knowledge or temperament to lead and this guy seems below average in those respects.

Although this is Kansas... so he probably has a bright future in the Kobach administration.

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Senate OKs bill that would allow grocers in Kansas to sell full-strength beer

Exciting!! Cmon Brownback, you can at least do with ONE good thing before you head off to Rome.

Ought to be able to buy wine as well, but full-strength beer is a leap in the right direction.

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Taking out the trash set to change in Lawrence: earlier collection times, new days for yard waste

I don't think it's whining to speak out about a sudden change like this that disrupts routines people here have had for decades. The city did not provide a rationale (at least not in this article) why they're doing away with the ability to use your own container. If the answer is "we need to be able to pick up the container with the automated truck" then why are they still allowing paper bags, which are still going to require a human to get out of the truck, bend down and pick up the things--praying that last night's rain or the neighborhood mutt's leg lift don't make the bottom fall out.

Human intervention is still required in order to pick up yard waste, so why screw over people who already spent money on extra plastic trash containers for that purpose? Forcing those people to lay out another $60 for a behemoth cart (that can't be nested like regular plastic cans) or pay 50c per paper bag in perpetuity without a damn good reason just plain stinks.

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Report: Brownback to be named to U.N. post in Rome

Anyone know how to translate #heblowsalot into Italian?

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Douglas County Dental Clinic's Free Dental Day set to be the biggest yet

I suppose you'd prefer that they stop doing these then? I think a few hundred of your fellow county residents would disagree vehemently.

Ever hear the saying "throwing the baby out with the bathwater?" That's what you're advocating. Just because the situation isn't ideal doesn't mean you misplace your ire against the few folks trying to make it better. What the hell have you done for this community lately (other than whine on internet forums)? Next time, maybe lead off with that if you want to elicit anything other than eye-rolling.

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Summer road construction a necessary evil for Lawrence drivers and businesses

Write a letter to the editor of this paper. Hopefully they will publish it... would be a refreshing change of pace from the usual cadre of cranks and whiners who usually write in.

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City cleans up after second storm

I've lost several tree limbs, but darn if this isn't the prettiest snowfall in recent memory. Total "Winter Wonderland" out there. Stay safe everyone, spring will be here soon!

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Sound Off: Post office number

Because they're not equipped for everyone and their mother calling to find out what hours they're open and what the price of a stamp is. UPS is no different. Try finding the local number for the UPS office here--believe me it ain't easy. If you call the local office, the person that answers has other things they need to be doing. Whereas when you call the national call center, you're reaching someone whose sole job it is to triage customer inquiries. It may be frustrating to customers but in the long run it saves USPS money, and they need all they can get at this point.

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