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Video brings reality of war home for father

Well, since we're pulling out our pedigrees...My father served two tours in 'Nam, two uncles and my gramps were Navy, my brother-in-law and brother were both members of the Army Guard, and the family cannon is a legacy from my family that fought in the Civil War. I won't list the friends I have serving now and it matters to none of them that I protest the war and vote as a Democrat. Sorry, I somehow missed your other posts, but I'm sure they were loaded with facts and objective statements and not filled with overgeneralizations and accusations.

I know more about what's going on in Iraq because I chose to educate myself. Whoever gave you the idea that the military is one large killing machine whose sole objective is to crush the soul of mankind was obviously a great propagandaist. Two of my friends spent 90% of their time in Iraq doing humanitarian work. Operating a clinic for children and helping re-build the infastructure needed in villages long ignored. There are too many charity efforts to count that are led and conducted by the military on the ground. They ask folks in the states for basic school supplies and medicines for the Iraqis and we send them. They are working together to make a better life. Where do you get off assuming they don't mourn the loss of those lives? SHAME ON YOU! It's people on both sides of the debate that refuse to see the people fighting and dying as people that are the real problem. Most of those that are stationed there and work closely with the citizens of Iraq mourn and grieve deeply for the lives of EVERYONE lost in this stupid war. If you want to make a difference, do it. Stop throwing around rhetoric and find some truth, then lead others to it. The media reports the stories the public accepts. If you want the stories to change, be a voice that can lead. The information is out there. I suspect your issue should be with the passive reception of info of most of society. Most people don't seek. Isn't it just easier just to rant and cast about inflammatory words?

As for your post about a marine, there are people that are cruel and heartless in every walk of life. You don't need to be in the army to find a way to express masochistic tendencies. There are plenty of sickos (and probably a few in your profession) that are depraved and given the opportunity will inflict the most harm they can. And we should all object to that.

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Video brings reality of war home for father

12-Glad you found the appropriate forum to bash the military and their families. Because of all the people in the country those are surely the least informed about the horrors of war. They so obviously live in denial of the everyday terror and tragedies befalling the region and those in it. Thank goodness you're here to offer blanket judgments of them. Try not to confuse the gov't with the people required to do its bidding.

Blathering on in a rightous tone and acting superior, taking cheap shots... Glad you're not above stooping to the government's tactics.

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School ties keep soldier in step with young Iraqis

Anyone who's interested in other humanitarian efforts should check out Any Soldier. They have lots of contacts on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq that are contributing to rebuilding those countries by helping the people in grassroots efforts.

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Video brings reality of war home for father

I have several friends who have served in Iraq and all of them have been involved with IED's. Many times they requested that I not tell anyone about the events, not to cover up the truth, but because they wanted to make sure that the soldiers involved were the ones that told their families what happened. It's terrifying having bits and pieces of the story and I know that I would have been a wreck if they had shared every close encounter with me. LWJ should remove the link, if not the story.

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