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Family of soldiers imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth plan rally

Sadly there are injustices in the military system of justice and some Americans who put their lives on the line for US have received a vary bad deal from Uncle Sam's lawyers.

Stand up and help those who've been wrongly charged and incarcerated by riding with US:

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Americans are losing their civility

Top honors go to the lamestream political entertainers on MSNBC for non stop shouting of ignominious indignities from their sewer gutters.

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U.S. must focus on education

The education establishment union, in particular the NEA, exists solely to benefit the teachers and administrators - NOT the children. The so called teachers union must be busted in America before students begin to perform on an international level and the classroom begins to get better!

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Career ‘Leverage’: KU film students spend summer on set of TV series

Yes maybe it's a requirement a Che' tee shirt be worn to show solidarity with the studio establishment!

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Kansas Supreme Court disbars Lawrence attorney Chris Miller

Practicing law can be a very dirty business. It is highly unusual but occasionally expected that the kettle will call the pot black! We in the laity can usually tell when a lawyer is not telling the truth by simply looking to see if their lips are moving!

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Eight suffer injuries in shooting at south Lawrence apartment complex

bearded_gnome are you intimately familiar with this perp
or just a keen observer of the usual character and characteristics
of similarly related folks in similar circumstances?

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Kobach says questions about Obama's citizenship fair without details

If the real document exists then explain why Obama's lawyers have spent over a million dollars defending legal questions in court relating to this very document. If it truly existed wouldn't proof of its existence suffice, case closed?

If your dad was a Marxist Kenyan Muslim and your mother a rounder with foreign extremist oddballs and if you were raised in a Muslim school in Indonesia, and tutored by a black liberation theology, America hating loud mouth Chicago preacher, you'd be suspect too, rightly so!

It's obvious to anybody with half a brain that an apparent foreigner is POTUS and that his allegiance is not to America or Americans, proven by his actions and his words (seeing the foreign powers he bows to). Our federal government administration is under the control of foreign, Anti-American interests opposed to the traditions, heritage and freedoms of the American people.

No courts of justice have ruled on the efficacy or authenticity of Barry's birth certificate, they've merely skirted the Constitutional issue by disallowing consideration of it at court believing CONgress ought to bring the issue to the floor in the District of Corruption, an unlikely event while controlled by Democrats.

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The new rush for silver and gold

Yes, it is a medium of exchange but Federal Reserve Notes fail the money definition test in that they're not a store of value! FRN's have continually depreciated in value since they first began to circulate. It is a gradual diminution in value and sadly not easily perceptible to most folks. It is a deliberate stealing of wealth from America's middle class by the fiat money banksters.

Federal Reserve Notes are more easily gotten rid of as the price of the item which over time has proven a secure store of value, increases in value - namely gold.

Ask an early American if he wants to be left holding a bag of Continentals or a Civil War Southerner if she was happy with a purse full of Confederate currency. History shows US the folly of a currency men can print at will!

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Are you satisfied with the job that Kenneth Feinberg, the Obama Administration’s bank executives "pay czar" is doing?

I will be satisfied when Barry Obama and the ideologues with which he surrounds himself are no longer in the news.

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Concerns mount over new gun law

Did everybody notice just how much murder and mayhem has resulted across the country from the burgeoning abundance of lessened restrictions on citizens carrying concealed weapons? I mean it's a virtual blood bath out there in the concealed carry community, isn't it?

At some point we will be forced to admit to the fact that the liberalization of hidden guns is a plague on our people of violent, epidemic proportions.

Thankfully President Barack Obama is moving in concert with the UN to eventually ban, then confiscate, firearms in the hands of the American public. When this move is completed our streets will once again be totally safe for gang bangers, carjackers and doped up thugs.

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