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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Why would a responsible gun owner put his/her finger on the trigger to begin with? And why would a responsible gun owner keep a round in the chamber if it's a semi-auto? Mistakes can be made and thankfully this one was not more serious. However he may have lost his dinner mate from now on, unless he leaves his protection at home!

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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer

John Lott, an accomplished academic, has shown more guns means less crime. The police can't be everywhere they're needed in time so honest law abiding citizens can and do have a positive effect when bad guys with guns act badly. Don't be afraid of what you don't know or understand folks, ask a gun owning friend to take you to the shooting range before you emote uncontrollably, make a fool of yourself and endanger those in the community around you.

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Global Warming Greenhouse Theory Disproved a Century Ago

Evolutionists believe in ice ages and Creationists in an ice age but today most of the ice is gone yet the warm up occurred before men burned hydrocarbons in abundance. The sun is the engine of warmth on earth sans an occasional earthly volcano. Global Warming is about people control and raising tax revenues pure and simple and the sooner we understand this the better off future generations of Americans will be. Don't let government define science and tinker with the real world as they've proven inept at best and corrupt to the core at worst and only their interests and those of their politically and economically connected allies matters.

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Voter registration down in Douglas County

Hasn't Barry Hussein's poor stewardship and lousy policy initiatives and their resulting lethargic and unexciting economic environment discouraged the hope and change voters he strung along in 2008 like the Pied Piper of Socialism? So it fits registrations would be down in a liberal Progressive area, many have decided not to vote this go around because they were mislead and are now disappointed and discouraged.

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Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigns, hands power to military

"According to a major survey conducted last year by the Pew Research Center, adults in Egypt don't crave Western-style democracy, as pundits have blithely trumpeted throughout coverage of the unrest.

Far from it, the vast majority of them want a larger role for Islam in government. This includes making barbaric punishments, such as stoning adulterers and executing apostates, the law of their country. With the ouster of their secular, pro-American leader, they may get their wish."

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Kansas officials outraged by Ariz. shooting rampage

Oh yea these right wingers are in control of comments made on Democrat Underground? What are you smokin' over there Agnostick?

Read it only if you can stand it.

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Kansas officials outraged by Ariz. shooting rampage

Anybody recently been to the Democrat Underground website to read the rantings and ravings of leftists lathering up a poisonous, putrid foam on their lips? You talk about some lefty loonies on the loose! But I digress. We should focus on progressive hate to see the genesis of deconstructive, deleterious debate:

The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010

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Kansas officials outraged by Ariz. shooting rampage

I dare say there are some leftists posting here wishing to use this tragedy to benefit their desired expansion of government and they don't care how many dead bodies it takes to move their radical agenda forward!

Have they not bothered to read the information available about this lunatic shooter to understand he had serious personal issues unconnected to the real world of modern political discourse. Look at his videos. Read his poetic rants and ravings. Read what his fellow students and teachers had to say about his very strange behavior in the college classroom. See the UK story about the devilish shrine in his backyard.

Remember it is Obama who said "if the opposition brings a stick then we'll bring a gun" to community events! Remember transformational Marxists, via Sal Alinsky's teachings, purpose to never waste an opportunity of tragedy to advance the leftist cause! Watch as they try and stifle free speech and impose more gun control on law abiding citizens.

The People must stand up and say NO, no lunatic used by the left to advance their cause will take these freedoms and rights from US!

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Funding out of balance

The difficult economic choices are just beginning and a dearth of tax revenue coming to the state budget will be with US for sometime. Look how bad it's gotten for the Ducks <a class="post-title" href="">University of Oregon President Begs Legislators for $800 Million and Says "We are Not Asking for More Money"</a>

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