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Hung jury in Valley Falls attempted murder case leads to second mistrial

I think it was Hayworth who was uncooperative from the way the sentence reads.

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Lawrence gas station owner gets caught up in national battle with Big Oil over future of ethanol

anyone know why changing out a few hoses at a few gas stations would cost "several hundred thousand dollars"?

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Change in state law expected to produce fewer historic preservation reviews in Lawrence

Given the extent the use of adjacent property will affect the property values and quality of life of the neighbors, I must disagree. Living in a stable society with a decent standard of living requires compromise and regulation of use within the framework of the democratic process.

I've come to the opinion that the libertarian philosophy is just as dangerous and bankrupt a philosophy as communism.

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Budget cuts to higher education lead to request for higher tuition

According to the UC Berkeley website (which is what I assumed you mean by University of California, which is actually a system of 10 Universities, not a single campus), the state funding to UCB is about $500 million a year (not $1.2B), which is still greater than the $250 million to KU. To keep it in perspective, in state tuition for a full time student (30 credit hours/year) is about $13K at UCB and about 9K at KU. Also, KU enrollment is smaller than UCB (29,500 vs. 36,000).

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Analysis group believes new tax plan could ruin Kansas

But fuel taxes and registration alone do not come close to funding all that is spent on roads and motorized transportation infrastructure. Much of it comes out of the general fund, so your argument is incorrect.

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City seeking input on new study of bike, transit, and other multimodal transportation options

That would be a valid point if streets and roads were financed entirely from revenue from gas taxes plus registration fees; however those revenue sources are not sufficient being close to covering what is spent in the state for transportation infrastructure, so everyone who pays taxes (sales, property, income) are contributing to funding for the roads even if they do not own a car.

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Editorial: Gun law costly

With that I have no problem.

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Editorial: Gun law costly

Exactly, if they don't have the training then they shouldn't be armed in public.

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Editorial: Gun law costly

Actually, my issue with it is not that I think that the CC holders are going to turn violent. I worry more about two things: 1) The way it stands now, if someone detects that someone on campus or in a public building has a gun, that in an of itself is cause for someone to report this, because that person should not have it on campus CC or not. Having a substantial population of legal carriers on the premises takes away this as probable cause. It will be much easier for someone up to no good to bring a gun because having a gun would no longer be a priori cause for suspicion. 2) I don't trust the current CC procedure to provide people with enough training to deal with crisis situations, if indeed a real shooter situation were to arise. I have no problem with CC as long as the training and acceptance standards are equivalent to what law enforcement officer would go through. That is currently not the case.

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Editorial: Gun law costly

Depends upon your definition of "free"

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