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Sisters With A Purpose group vows to make a positive impact on race relations in Lawrence

Sam Crow-you could not be more wrong about so much of what you typed. Black Lives Matter is not racist. It is saying we need to pay attention to this matter, it is not saying other lives do not matter. Like when cancer is being spoke about, that is not downplaying any other medical diagnoses, those still need attention also but attention is being called to a certain issue by a person/group of people who are trying to call focus to whatever it may be.

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Baldwin City residents injured in Lawrence van-motorcycle collision

Not driving east and turning right into dunn would be turning left if driving east

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Mardi Gras Diversity Day event at Baldwin High School to educate about Down syndrome

I went last year as a para with EHS, and loved it! It was a great time, the students had a blast and the culinary team did an amazing job! There were many different activities for the students to do, they even got to pick out prizes. it was so great to see all of the students interacting together and the best part was the end-the band marching in a big square and all of the special ed students, teachers, etc marching behind them! way to go Baldwin!

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Man critically injured in pedestrian-vehicle accident on Tennessee Street

this is no surprise at all. I do not like driving the one ways, especially Tennessee Street because people just walk right out in front of cars who have the right of way, without even thinking. they just assume the cars are going to stop for them. so many people get hit walking or on bicycles because they do this......sad

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What do you think of the city's donation meter designated to help the homeless?

most stupid thing I have ever heard. are you serious? that is just ridiculous!

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Town Talk: Chicago-style restaurant and bar to open in former Bambino's spot on south Mass.; Schumm frustrated with HRC; clock ticking on possible appeal of Ninth and N.H.

Wayne & Larrys has an amazing italian beef sandwich! this guy should try it if he hasn't already :)

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1 taken to LMH after injury accident on Ninth Street

how do you drive east on Indiana? thought it ran north/south

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City says it underbilled two Lawrence golf courses by $325,000, seeks settlement

city's problem-they messed up. they should not be able to "go back" and try to collect for their screw up. they are always coming up with bogus crap to get more money......

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City staff recommends 4 percent increase in water, sewer rates

are you freakin kidding me?! I can barely afford it now.....

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