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Editorial: Rental rules

Please explain how a cracked switch plate is a life safety issue. I can understand a missing plate being such, but not a cracked plate. I suppose one could justify nearly anything as a life safety issue with a little reaching: A torn screen allows a mosquito to enter which bites the tenant and the tenant gets West Nile Fever. The editorial is "spot on". There are already ordinances on the books which deal with blight issues. Every landlord I know wants their property to be safe for the tenants. But I wonder how many owner occupied homes would pass the proposed ordinance and regulations?

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Applications sought for summer 2014 youth exchange program to Hiratsuka

Actually, the trip is open to Lawrence students grades 7 through 12, not just high school students as indicated by the article. It really is a trip of a lifetime. I know. I have seen it change students' lives. Additionally, there are need based scholarships available because the Sister Cities Advisory Board strongly believes the trip should be available to ALL of our students.

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City wants further review of proposed rental registration and inspection program

Common sense is the key phrase. What is truly an issue? In the words of Joe Jackson: "Everything gives you cancer. There's no cure; there's no answer."

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City wants further review of proposed rental registration and inspection program

It is only the beginning. My argument is that almost anything can be argued to be life safety. A torn screen can allow a mosquito in the house, which bites the tenant and gives the tenant West Nile Fever. What I am saying is use some common sense about what is a true issue and what is a blight issue.

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City wants further review of proposed rental registration and inspection program

Right....and you can drown in less than an inch of water. So we should make bathtubs a major infraction. Use some common sense in what needs to be addressed, Are the flues for the water heater and furnace working properly? Are there GFCI outlets in bath and kitchen areas? Are fire extinguishers available? Now, those ARE life safety issues.

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City wants further review of proposed rental registration and inspection program

As a landlord, I have no problem with inspections which deal solely with life-safety issues. It is in the best interest of the landlord to assure their property is safe. I do, however, have major issues with the inclusion of "minor" infractions, most of which address blight. Most landlords I know work hard to assure their property is kept in good order, both mechanically and aesthetically. To assume a rental unit is a source of blight to a neighborhood is the same as racial profiling. Owner occupied homes have the same potential as rental units, maybe even more, of being blighted. And the city already has ordinances to deal with that. Enforce what is on the books, rather than creating more bureaucracy and paperwork for landlords. Enforce it equally and I do not believe anybody will have a legitimate complaint about blight issues.

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Chamber to name adult training center after area labor leader

Dwayne has been an advocate for technical training as long as I can remember. He never misses an opportunity to express the need and the benefits. And he always has a smile on his face. I know of no one else in this community who has worked harder for the laborer and citizens of Lawrence. An honor befitting him. This way, technical training will forever be linked with Dwayne Peaslee

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Prepare to relax, savor at the most intimate restaurant in Lawrence

Lawrence's finest restaurant....BY FAR. We have eaten there on several occasions and have introduced friends to the experience. This rivals any place anywhere for quality and ambiance. The article does not even mention Cafe Beautiful is in Wilt Chamberlin's old apartment. We have never had an inkling of a bad experience there. As I told Mel, "She has the ability to take foods I really don't care for, and make them not only edible, but "ask for seconds" good."

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Indian tribe hasn't yet filed federal paperwork to develop North Lawrence property

Then, apparently, you've never lived here before either.

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Surprise visit makes Jayhawk fan’s day

CLASS, That one effort defines that word. CLASS

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