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Would you be willing to pay higher taxes for increased security at airports that serve small planes?

This nut job could have done more damage with a pickup than he did with his little airplane so maybe we should require all drivers to pass background checks and undergo enhanced security not to mention file a registerd route before they leave their garage. A pickup can carry more fuel and or other nasty stuff than a light GA aircraft. While we are at it we should eliminate all rental trucks too due to what another nut job did in OKC a few years ago.

BTW I had to go through an FBI background check and pass a physica/ psych exam that included drug test in order to get a private pilot certificate already.

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The paperwork target

err - wasen't Virgina Tech a gun free zone? Criminals don't pay attention to those stupid signs unless of course they are looking for a free fire zone.

The VTec slayer didn't care about any laws, its just too bad no one was there to stop him like there was in Colorado. Now given his mental state he shouldn't have been able to aquire the guns in the first place (legally at least). Hopefully that has been corrected now with the new laws.

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The paperwork target

If they pass concealed carry there wil be blood running in the streets an people being shot over parking places!!!

uh what? it passed a year ago? never mind:(

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SLT moral issue

Tired old arguments that carry no more weight than they did 20 years ago, It is time to build this road. the people voted and supported it, Baker supported it, we are all going to pay too much for it in order to create a better wet land. Just Build It PLEASE.

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Feds approve wetlands route for South Lawrence Trafficway

Time to start moving dirt, as soon as the money is there. Long overdue, its just too bad it won't be done in time to help the I-70 bridge replacment. The next few years are going to be difficult but well worth it. Just hope the expansion of the current two lane section happens at the same time, not much of an expressway with at stoplight at Wak and no exits at 15th/BB Pkwy.

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Truck traffic

Yes the trucks are bad but they are not stopping for several minutes along 23rd waiting for non-existent passengers like the buses are. Reduce congestion, dump the T.

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County approves federal role in SLT completion


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