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Behind the Lens: Granada part of historic FSA collection

wonderful set of photographs! thanks for publishing them.

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Community meets at Central Junior High about proposed Dillons expansion

Checkers' new bulk section is growing every week. i'm pretty sure i saw basmati and quinoa there this week! check it out!

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Does your child or grandchild have a college fund?

Actually, you can also encourage your children to make excellent grades, be involved, work part time and save money and acquire financial aid for the college of their choice. Worked for mine. There is no way i could have set up a "college fund". Luckily, their dad helped out and they had work-study jobs. Keeping the aid was an incentive for keeping their grades up when things got rough or too many parties tempted!

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19-year-old who suffered brain damage during dental procedure files lawsuit

hasn't this been on the front page of the web site for about three days now?

ho hum.

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3 million acres taken out of conservation program

well, everyone knows the government needs more ...

corn syrup.

waving grasses, small wildlife and natural beauty won't make money for them...


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Sebelius takes to air waves to encourage Americans to get H1N1 vaccine

suggested reading before bowing down to governmental and bigPharm recommendations:

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Lew Perkins issues statement on Tuesday incident


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Different pictures emerge of events surrounding beating and kidnapping of Matthew Jaeger's ex-girlfriend

that POS doesn't have an innocent pore on his fake babyface.

but he'll probably get off. they do.

i would love to be proven wrong this time, though.

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Round Corner Drug, Cheese Shoppe closes

very sad. what a loss for downtown - for Lawrence.

i seldom buy prescription medications (knock knock), but when i did, i *always* got my scrip filled at Round Corner.

any recommendations for small, local pharmacies in town? i would rather give my $$, even if a bit more, to a local biz than Walgreen's or CVS, please.

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Hot dog vendor enhances downtown flavor

gsxr600, if you think MickeyD's and BoogerKing are sanitary - or even your own home kitchen - think again!

germs are everywhere.

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