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Kansas joins legal challenge to Obama-era DACA program

This was from January 2017

The Kansas economy would lose over 330 million dollars governor!

Ending DACA Will Cost States Billions of Dollars

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Brownback narrowly wins confirmation as religious freedom ambassador; Colyer could be governor by next week

Brownback and The Family

How can someone claim to follow Jesus yet not support programs that fight poverty and benefit the needy?

This is a question directed at Sam Brownback, and a possible answer is provided in Jeff Sharlet’s book, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (Harper Perennial, 2008). Journalist Sharlet describes in detail the history, leadership and beliefs of this secret organization of which Brownback is a member.

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Roberts, Moran vote to advance Brownback-style federal tax reform

Once again Roberts and Moran have left the whole state down!

They always choose the party of Koch over there fellow Kansans

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Kansas voters dissatisfied with presidential candidates, Gov. Brownback and Legislature

As Sam always says

'Next time they take a poll I'm having kris kobach tally the results'

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Editorial: System failure

Guess how much Kansas and brownback have left off the table by not expainding Medicaid since January 1st 2014?

$881,221,983.20 million dollars

Kansans pay taxes and expect something back in return. Like health care and financial security.

Our state's leadership has chosen not to accept federal funds to expand the Medicaid program. Instead, our federal tax dollars are going to states like California and New York to provide health insurance coverage to their residents

Meanwhile, as many as 150,000 hard working Kansans remain uninsured. We should bring these funds back into the state to support the Kansas people and the Kansas economy. Tell the governor and your legislators to expand Medicaid now

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Editorial: Welfare claims

The kslegs daily perm diem $140.00 the max food stamp Benefits is $160.00 - month

When is the brownback administration and the Kansas legislature going to sacrifice for the team

The KS Legislators get $980 per diem weekly PLUS their salaries, paid for doing nothing but causing harm to middle and lower income Kansans, and think they are underpaid

Sam brownback and the party of Koch ruining Kansas one day at a time

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Editorial: Welfare claims

Is there anyone in Kansas brave enough to ask Brownback, on camera or tape, face-to-face, how even one person could live on $5,562 a year, much less a family?

I want to see him struggle for an answer.

Governor Brownback, is there any year in your entire life that you had to live on no more than $5,562?

And if you did, do you remember your governor talking as if you were a free-loader and somehow not worthy of help?

Did your governor beat his chest and brag about how he'd kicked you off welfare and LOOK how great you're doing? on $5,562 a year?

That's $107 a week. About $428 a month.

The poorest person I know in Kansas pays about $500 a month for a small house. That doesn't include water and power. Doesn't include garbage pickup. No clothing for the child. No gas for the vehicle. No property tax and insurance on the vehicle. No toothpaste or toilet paper. No shampoo or soap. No food.

But Sam has a happiness about him now that he's pushed the most vulnerable people in Kansas into that situation. One can almost see and hear how heart-happy he is to know he's done that.

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Kansas Senate approves further tightening of welfare rules

The Kansas legislatures per diem

A day is more than kansans on food stamps get in a month

Ksleg $140.00 daily

Kansas food stamp user $112.00 a month

Sounds fair to me

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Veterans testify on Kansas medical marijuana bill

Congress Quietly Ends #FederalProhibition On MedicalMarijuana…

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Perry-Lecompton drug-testing policy creates questions about teachers

If you're going to do drug test start at the top with the superintendent all the way down to the bus drivers.

Then start with the students.

New study came out last week shows alcohol is the number one gateway drug followed by cigarettes

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