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Sad display

Oh, and concidering some of the minds I'm dealing with, I guess I need to correct my last statement.

Peace to mankind, eat the 4 legged critters, and the 2 legged fowl!

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Sad display

I can't believe this is even a discussion.

Are you people picturing little rodents sleeping on the branches? Taking a nap during the "big kill"? I don't know about the squirrels in your trees, but the ones in mine are in constant motion! That is why we call HYPER PEOPLE --SQUIRRELS!!!!

There are thousands more, in a 20 mile area, where those 2000 came from. Is it sick and warped that the children are taught to do such a thing? Not at all. These kids will be the ones some of you will turn to if that one book is true. You know the one, it says something to the effect of a days wages for a loaf of bread. Seems that this world is heading in that direction at a high rate of speed!

Not to mention, if you can shoot something that small, moving that speed through the trees, you just might be able to kill the 200 pound thug that just broke into your grandma's house as you are visiting her.

Besides, your just jealous that you'll never know how good a tree rat taste in the ol' pressure cooker. Peace to mankind, eat the animal!

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Do you think Al Gore deserves to win a Nobel Prize?

Isn't it wonderful to know that our politicians work in the same manner as do most plant managers and CEO's? Divide and conquer, that's their motto. The only difference is; P.M.'s and CEO's do it to tick the people off to produce more work. Politicians' do it with their lies for votes from the common people. Like I've stated before, it's all about smoke-screen issues. Put forth anything that will cause a stir amoungst the people, and cover up what they're really doing.

Wouldn't we be amazed if we found out that every man and woman that has ran for office, or that is in office get's together once a month for a B.S. session to plan what their going to stir us up with next? Sorry, I do picture both Clintons, Nader, Kerry, Gore, Sr. and Jr. Bush, smoking big ole cigars and drinking highballs, laughing at us. Nancy P. probably smokes the biggest one. (Funny how she acted like a mountain lion protecting her cubs, and now she is just another puppet in office. Guess the puppetmaster got a hold of her.) Every name that has been called out on this blog is probably the same name the Politicians use to describe us. I'm starting to think that a few on this blog must really be running for office. OK, so livingbone-head probably isn't one of them.

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Middle school to offer birth control

Dots, good for you, and don't ever forget that you will say no.

I think we a citizens, should just start beating the parents when their child is out of hand. I don't mean when the kid has bags under their eyes from carpooling and being drug all over the country side, mall to mall. You can watch facial and body expressions to know when a child is worn out, even though they are running 5 directions at once. But when the parent has the nerve to sit there and let society raise the child for them. You can figure out most households in 5 minutes when you sit down to what you'll think is going to be a nice night out. Loud mom, has to brag about how wild the kids are and how hard she worked that day. Real activities of the day: kids wake before mom, kids fed themselves breakfast, kids turn on TV. Loud TV wakes mom, mom takes over TV, mom talks on phone and watches TV. Nothing on now at 1pm, goes to take shower, screams at kids on way because they want lunch. Blah, blah.
I hope this whole operation is shut down in Portland. I really am concerned for the health and welfare of these girls. As adults, women who have health insurance can't get the proper care they need with female issues. And these are women who weren't subjected to a coctail of hormones until they were in their 20's! How is this going to be in any way healthy for these children. We all know the majority of them wont have regular doctor visits.

As someone earlier asked, who will pay for this? It's started in one state, sure to sweep the nation in a matter of a few years. Kansas can't keep up with the un-insured or the under-insured as it stands.

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Rare young pastor to be ordained in Lawrence

Theory- Give more incentives to bring in more teachers into the school systems. So many children don't have one on one and are cheated of recognition and/or help through their school days. When there is only one teacher over 25-30 students, there is such a void created in their young lives. Sometimes, the teacher is the only adult figure they have in their lives on a regular basis. Mom and/or dad off to that swing shift job, at work at 6am one day 3pm the next. 6pm the following day. If it wasn't for the teacher, their lives would have no schedule to it. Sometimes, the teacher is the only one who teaches right from wrong. And yes, even the ones who don't believe in God have been the most gracious and kind hearted.
Josh, may you always walk in the boundries of the Book you preach from. Too many start with good intentions, then cast it all aside. They (ministers, preachers, pastors...etc.) seem to forget that they are the examples before the congregation. They are afraid to speak up when the women come in to the House of the Lord, in mini skirts and low cut blouses. Worse yet, are the teenage girls that dress the same, and the parent allows it "because her friends' dress that way"!

Another prayer for you, remember Seperation of Church and State. When one stands before the pulpit, you should choose your words with great concideration and a lot of prayer. I have been soured, as probably many have, to our sheppards who preach to us about political stance. Josh, your intentions should never be to lecture on who the best canidate is for any election. Be it local, state or national. Guide them to prayer about it, don't convince. This becomes brainwashing. Not sure which Book Plymouth referres to, but may you always find comfort and understanding in the Books of Timothy, and the great guidance given to him from Paul.

My best to you and your new congregation.

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Middle school to offer birth control

Wow, I'm surprised that we are faced with such a discussion format. Who is the nut case that came up with this idea? They must hate women. Something from childhood, I recon.

Correct me if wrong, please, oh please! Aren't women supposed to discontinue use of the pill after like 7 years? At least a 1 year break? Highly recommended not to go back on them after that break? Doesn't the risk of cervical and breast cancers increase after so many years of use? Heck, maybe when they're at that really awkward-teenage-cantquitthinkinaboutguys-stage, it will be time for them to take their "break" from the pill. Cool, then we will still have babies raising babies.
Hey, I got an idea...Let's just add Depo-Provera to the immunization requirements for girls entering pre-school. Man, why didn't I think of this years ago? The school nurse can just continue shooting up our baby girls every three months, as required. Let's introduce estrogen and progesterone to their little veins. Let's get them on a roller coaster ride, A.S.A.P.!!!!
Wasn't it the schools' across our Nation the ones that started preaching to the students that a swat across the butt was child abuse? Then the wild ones started charging their own parents with child abuse? Isn't this why our children are so out of hand? Kids in the street ignoring traffic, rude kids in the grocery stores. When I was growing up, my parents would have had me pick the switch if they found out I had walked through someones yard "just because"! There had better have been a reason, and a good one, at that!! Should I have not pulled my bicycle to the side of the road and stopped because a car was coming and they heard about it, ditto. Go get a switch. (I do not condone child abuse, but, correcting a child is necessary. Some children you glare at, and they will straighten up. The next group of kids you can warn your going to spank, and they straighten up. The other group of children you have tospank. Message gets through [Like I was!].)
So, yeah, lets give our baby girls birth control. Let them know they can fool around with any boy they want. Let's teach 'em early in life that they will get pregnant if they forget their pill, which they are so absent mind during puberty, that they will. LET US USE THEM AS LAB RATS. MAYBE THEY WILL GROW UP TO BE 7'5" TALL, AND HAVE BEARDS TO THEIR BELLY BUTTON. They would save money in the long run... no need to get a piercing!

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Do you think Al Gore deserves to win a Nobel Prize?

Why should we, as a country, add insult to injury everyday? The Middle East has been at war since the beginning of time. They have utilized vehichles as their source of weapons. Why should the U.S. keep dropping bombs, blowing up not only PEOPLE, but yet another vehicle?

I'm so tired of seeing black smoke rolling off the tires and all the petrol in firey explosions on the news. If I were to go start a fire in my back yard, with a permit, mind you, this would be OK. If I were to throw eight old tires, 20 gallons of diesel, 8 qts of 30 weight, and 20 gallons of gasoline on top of the burn pile (you very seldom see just one car on fire in the news), I would have to take out a loan just to cover the fines tickets, lawyers fee, and court cost. Or, lets say everyone that has a vehichle that's falling apart at 220k miles and ran the last tred off the ole tires just on top of the burn pile (you very seldom see just one car on fire in the news), I would have to take out a loan just to cover the fines tickets, lawyers fee, and court cost. Local and state government says its in violation, then this entity stands with our federal government and backs them on dropping bombs. Guess we don't ever hit vehichles over there. Just people? Too many people. Too many cars, too many homes. People that are trying to live and have something in their families name. Someone that just wants to give their child everything they didn't have as a child. Hum, sounds like the millions walking on this soil everyday.

There was this crazy stage, in the middle of a field, filled full of rain, far, far from Lawrence, with this cool cat that got up before the land full of people, dressed in glorious colors, and some not. This cool cat belted out a question, and his spectacular answer was... "Absolutely nothin'!"

Lets save the earth.

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Do you think Al Gore deserves to win a Nobel Prize?

Someone loves ragging on DotsLine...

You may be a well educated individual, Livingston, but somehow you forgot to read between the lines. Point was; what else are they slipping into our atmosphere when they can't even follow our simple regulations of parts per million, or however scientist and engineers determine how much is allowed in American products?! Just what are they releasing into our air? As I wrote, "...not to mention dozens of other noxious chemicals,..."!

Ceallach, and to all, sorry. I should've logged off to verify Mandela. I really thought that he was presented with the award. Fool, fool!

I'll still hold firm to say Gore did not deserve the NPP, unless he called every congress-person, senator, current VP and pres to stand next to him. They all use smoke-screen issues to divert our attention from what they are really doing to us as a nation. The rich get richer, the poor become even more poor, and their using our money to blow the hell out of another nation so they can turn around to use our money to rebuild this same place. Usually to blow it up all over again.

Here is where I call forth someone with a scientific background. Undergrad terms, please. How many bombs going off in the atmosphere, day after day, year after year, could be adding harm to our ozone? Just what is it doing to our ice caps? Not now, maybe, but 15 years from now?

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Do you think Al Gore deserves to win a Nobel Prize?

I thought George DuhBaU was the anti-christ, at first. Then I realized that he was too stupid to read scripture out of a CHILD"S bible, or to do magic before anyone's eyes. (If he reeaalllllyyy is, he'll just get lost on his way back in three days.)

As for Gore, no, he does not deserve the NPP. I personally wish they would have placed this great award on top of George Washington Carvers grave. A true humanitarian that thought every minute of his life about the people and the earth. Sometimes, those who've passed can teach us more about tomorrow's journey, than those who still breathe can teach us about yesterdays mistakes.

Al proves to be just like every politician and every CEO in this country. When a serious issue rares its ugly little head, they all go into 'crisis management'! Then shine brightly amoungst their peers when they give good resolution, on paper anyway.

America can hardly take the blame for a high percentage of the global warming effect. All of our companies have shipped our jobs to China where (it's rumored) they use butt loads of lead, not to mention dozens of other noxious chemicals, without two guys (named OSHA and EPA) breathing down their necks. Thanks to their group effort of outsourcing our jobs, our politicians (as a united group) and CEO's should have received the NPP along-side Gore. Just think, a citizen of the U.S. didn't have to worry about the chemicals and verify they were at government regulation levels going into the atmosphere. It's easier to pay someone $.25 a day over seas to mass produce imports, and have that countrys high quality version of EPA doing the monitoring.

None-the-less, I shall vote proudly once again for Gore, should he run again. The lesser of all evils, it so seems, even though he would have been a better man to have declined the honor of NPP.

And, once upon a time, didn't Mandela receive and deserve the Nobel?

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Name change sought for holiday, but mayor says it's up to legislators


Sorry, I thought St. Patrick's Day was a day of recognition for the Alcoholic's to line up for a parade, burning precious fuel to drag floats and throwing more trash on our city streets. Didn't realize that our country used this day to remember the Irish slaves. Hum?...

So back to the Native Americans; let us remember the Trail of Tears. And should we forget the countless children, seperated from what was left of their family and forced into a white-mans school, diciplined for trying to speak in their Native tongue?

My peace has been spoken, the best to all.

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