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Bookstores battle over forms

You know where the largest problem lies ... the faculty. The bookstores, all together, set a deadline of when they need to know the required books for the next semester. Unfortunately about 50% of the instructors completely ignore that deadline. So when Muggy is frantically ooking for info about courses, it is usually because of tardy faculty. Many instructors turn in their book info the day classes start or just a few days before. You can see the challege for all the bookstores when you are dealing with this type of issue. If every instructor turned in their requisition on time, all the bookstores would have the books ordered by mid-semester (the semester prior) and this really wouldn't be much of an issue.

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Bookstores battle over forms

Tony - you speak the truth! Good point!

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Bookstores battle over forms

But there IS a large book company in town. The bookstore on 23rd street is actually owned by Nebraska Book, one of the largest distributors of textbooks in the nation. KU and Jayhawk bookstores buy their books from Nebraska. I have often wondered why that store does so poorly if the main supplier is also the owner.

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Bookstores battle over forms

I can speak to the 2nd floor issue. I worked in the textbook department for almost a year. Other than the designated 7 weeks of the year, customers are asked to stop at the top of the stairs where there is a small wooden door. Jayhawk Bookstore staff find out what you need and then retrieve the book for you.
Yes, Bill Muggy is somewhat odd as an employer. But I never found him to be mean or hurtful. He is excentric.
And there are always two sides to every story (ie. the neighborhood issues). One of the complaints that Muggy had to deal with was a neighbor, to the north, complaining that the light from his outdoor soda machines kept her up all night. The soda machines are on the south side of the building, facing south.
Yes, there are issues between the city commission and Muggy. But some of the complaints filed against him were just to be a pain in his a** ... not valid complaints.

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Two new faces in City Hall

I love that Schauner used a printing company in KANSAS CITY to print his postcards. Nice job buying local! I think that poor decision is an example of why he should NOT represent Lawrence. I am glad the citizens of Lawrence saw him for what he was and did not re-elect him.

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Well-known Kansas musician dies of cancer at 38

I never had the opportunity to meet Kirk, but he had a large impact on my life. Some of the most fun nights of my life involved seeing him play live.
My thoughts and prayers are with his friends, bandmates and family.
Thank you Kirk for bringing happiness and music to so many! RIP

I was lucky enough to see the last show at Liberty Hall. Here is a link to one of my favorite SLR songs being performed that evening.

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Chestnut, Dever lead city race campaign funding

Maybe, just maybe, people are donating funds because they are so very sick of the current city commission. Maybe the Lawrence citizens want to see job growth and want to see the tax base increase. I am an everyday joe and I have never contributed to an individual's campaign fund in my life. But I have donated money and time to these men because they have common-sense ideas to improve life in Lawrence. Isn't that why so many of us love living in Lawrence, because an everyday joe can make a difference and be heard? I give my dollars and time to Dever and Chestnut because they have the experience and passion to make a positive change in the economic climate of Lawrence.

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Do you think a commercial about Kansas shown in Times Square will boost state tourism?

I think Kansas should advertise ... I just don't think it should be in NYC. I am sure $40,000 would go much further talking to our surrounding states. Think of it this way, how many people must see the ad in NYC and choose to vacation in KS to make this decision get a good return on investment? It seems it would be better spent talking to Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa residents.
I recently investigated vacationing in MO and found some great options. My husband and I are FAR more likely to go back to MO several times this summer or this year than we are to fly across the US. We could take one trip to NYC or 10 trips to various locations in neighboring states.
$40,000 is NOTHING compared to other advertising budgets ... especially in NYC. Our Kansas ad will be lost in the clutter of the THOUSANDS of other ads seen in times square. Why not spend it buying TV and radio ads in small markets through out the midwest?
Again, I believe advertising and marketing Kansas can generate more tourism dollars ... I just think they chose a poor marketing strategy. It is strategy that will win the war, day and day again.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
Sun Tzu 490 B.C., Chinese Military Strategist

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Beetle donated to help raise funds

lunacydetector - You are correct to point that out. For legal reasons you can get one entry for free if you request it at the hospital. Of course they are hoping that people will see what a great cause this is and not ask for a free entry.

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